On The Oscars, Michelle Obama and Blog Comments

As you all know, I was unimpressed with Michelle Obama’s little hoochie dancing routine on that late night TV show. I was equally unimpressed with her video appearance on The Oscars two nights ago. For the record: I did not watch the show, I find such things incredibly boring.

However, one thing did catch my eye last night, and I feel the need to speak out about it. I am referring to a comment left over at HotAir.com, on their posting about Michelle’s appearance on the Oscars. The comment was as follows, and this, of course, comes via Charles “Ponytail Boy” Johnson of Little Green Screwballs, of whom I have no use for really; but I felt this was legit:

As happy as seeing Barak Obama murdered would make me, I think Id be happier if someone put a bullet in that fat pig of a wife.

Okay, this right here, is what I call very much over the line. I mean, it is one thing to talk smack about other bloggers; but the First Lady is over the top. If AllahPundit had any sort of respect for the office of the President of the United States and the First Lady, he would have not only erased the comment, but, he would have added the person’s IP address in the posting and forwarded the information over to the FBI. One of the rules on this blog is the following which comes from my Comment Policy page:

Don’t threaten the President either, or I will report you to the FBI.

What you just read above, which was quoted from the posting at Little Green Footballs and was originally posted at HotAir.com, was, in fact, a direct threat to the life of the First Lady of the United States.

Now folks, I am far from being a perfect person, I have done things in this little blogging career that I do truly regret; especially when I was still rooting for the Democrat Party and when I started out as a “left of center” blogger. But there was one thing that I never did; and when I saw others doing it, I called them out on it — and that is threaten the life of the President of the United States of America. My friends, that is not only legally wrong, that is just plain morally wrong as well. I dare say, that those who do such things, caught or not; are simply anti-American.

At the risk of being called a concern troll, I will simply say this: Putting all partisanship aside; The President of the United States, his wife and children are human beings. Human beings that have loving families. They are human beings that gave up a normal life of privacy, just so they could serve their Country. I would hate to believe that someone out who is that damned cynical that they would actually want to, or at least threaten to murder the First Lady of the United States. My question to you is this: Has American’s moral status become that rotten, that people would do such a horrible thing here on the internet? I find that quite troubling.

Remember folks: We are the United States of America. We settle our political differences at the ballot box. Calls for violence are usually brought by the political extremists. We are not a Nation of extremists, but of clear-headed mind. Let us not get caught up in the euphoria of foolishness, because quite frankly, it is a losing bet — something that Randy Weaver, David Koresh, and more recently Christopher Dorner found out.


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