Follow up to previous:’s racism towards Detroit

Just a quick follow-up to my earlier posting.

Because my last posting on what I felt was just straight up racism towards Detroit by so-called “Conservatives” was so long, I think the point might have been lost.

So here’s the “straight talk” style point of my posting:

If you have an issue with Detroit: Fine, Dandy — So do I. If you say that Detroit’s problems are due to White AND black Democrats and Detroit leaders, kicking the can down the road for years and years; kind of like what our national leaders are doing now too — I will most likely agree with you, wholeheartedly!

But, if you get in the comments section of a so-called “Conservative” “Christian” blog and you hurl racist invective in the comments section and say that Detroit’s problems are due to skin pigmentation; I am going to call you out for the racist bigoted jerk that you truly are. This is what I did with and I would have done it, if the nonsense would have come from National Review, The American Conservative, VDare or anywhere else — including DailyKos or any of the left-wing websites out there. Period, end of story.

So, there, THAT, and only that is my point of that earlier posting. It was long, it has gotten me some nasty e-mails from some very stupid people on the right. But, you know what? It was worth every last minute of my time and every bit worth of the bandwidth spent to call these idiot hypocritical jackasses out for what they truly are, and that is that they are nothing more than a bunch of minority hating jerks.

I call out haters of white people in the black community and I will call out haters of blacks in the White Community. Because the answer the problems in Detroit is NOT the bigoted stupidity of the White Right, that is for sure. My cousin died in Detroit, because of the corrupt police officers in Detroit, not because of black skin. Did progressive politics play at part in that corruption? Maybe. But for me to sit here and blame the entire city’s downfall on skin pigmentation, is dumb at best. I know there are blacks who do it; and they’re dumb too! They blame “Whitey” for the city’s problems, which is scapegoating. That too, is stupidity on stilts!

Anyhow, I just wanted to clear a couple of things up, that’s all. 😀

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