Benghazi and IRS scandal facts are irrelevant according to Obama flack Dan Pfeiffer

This here my friends —– is called digging your own hole, with your own shovel. However, in this case, I would call it “your own backhoe.” It is, as the Three Stooges short was called, “Dutiful, But Dumb.”

I simply cannot believe that I actually was stupid enough to give these stupid son-of-a-bitches the benefit of the doubt. :roll:

Video #1 via Weekly Standard:

Video #2 also via Weekly Standard:

The general rule is, when you’re in the hole, like this Presidential Administration; you…..stop….digging….  So, somebody needs to tell Pfeiffer to shut off that Cat® and take the keys away from him — before he ends in China!  (or worse! 😯 😀 )


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Update: From reader Judith:

Later this  month barry and michelle are hosting a concert in the WH featuring greats like Carol King, Billy Joel and others.  I hope Billy Joel dedicates this song to our fearless leader.

Here’s the song that she is referring to:

Wishful thinking there Judith. But, quite funny. 😉 😀

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