1. I think Republicans are making a mountain out of a molehill with Benghazi. However, the two other issues, if true, are a real concern, and should result in dismissals and possible criminal charges. I hope the President had no hand in these things, but if he did he is in serious trouble, impeachable trouble.

    As you know, I am a liberal, but I am a principled liberal, and regardless of the party affiliation, unwarranted, illegal investigations of people must be investigated and punished.

    This whole mess sickens me.

    • ronald richards

      I would have to respectfully disagree about the molehill that is Benghazi. In fact, it is objectively the most serious of the current allegations against this administration, since life is always more important than “privacy” or political intimidation. I think the problem with the Benghazi thing is that no one seems to be able to explain cogently why the lives were lost (and please don’t say there was not enough time to send help since they had no idea how long the fight was going to last). The cavalier attitude expressed by the administration (“what difference does it make”) when it comes to the lives of our military and government officials is alien to me and to most Americans.

      • Ronald,

        I agree with the above. However, let me say this. There are things being said about Benghazi that nothing about outright lies. Like the idea that the President gave the order to stand down. That is a load of crap, and the Republicans know it. The order came from the commanders in the field and not from the President.

        Again, it was tragic thing, but this is nothing more than a witch hunt.


  2. Ever since the death of Brian Terry at the hands of guns sent to the Mexican cartels by the Obama administration, those of us paying attention have already known this is what the Obama administration was like.

    The Obama administration threatened ATF whistleblowers and hushed up Operation Fast and Furious with help from the same press that’s now crying that they were spied on.


    There are still lawsuits pending for documents that Eric Holder won’t release, and there was executive privilege exerted over files that are either exempt from exec. priv., or that mean Obama knew about Fast and Furious and sending guns to the cartels. Either he chose to cover for Holder in violation of exec priv rules, or he was fully aware and is simply covering his own criminal acts.

    There was no “botched sting” – agents who conducted it – like John Dodson and Pete Forcelli and Carlos Canino explained they just sent guns South and did not track them because that’s what they were ordered to do.

    ATF attache in Mexico Darren Gil testified he never knew about F&F until it was already started – and when he did find out about it through backchannels – he flew to DC to confront ATF management and “retired” almost immediately afterwards.

    Also, Gil outright said that it went up to the DOJ after he confronted ATF management about being kept in the dark, so the media story of how “it’s just a few field agents”, is complete bull.

    The media (with the exception of CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson and FOX) was silent or otherwise making up lies about Fast and Furious, repeating the “botched sting” lie over and over again, despite the facts of the case and the sworn testimony in front of Oversight & Reform about the case.

    The media spun the story and covered for the White House. Except FOX, who were called illegitimate; and CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson, who was yelled at and threatened by the White House.

    Those of us living down here on the border have to deal with the fact that this administration actively smuggled arms to the cartels – and with the intention of repeating the “90% of Mexico’s guns come from the US” lie (debunked by Stratfor, but repeated in news by ATF SAC Phoenix Bill Newell) over and over in order to crack down on US citizen’s rights.

    Almost all of the political side of this story is wrong (wasn’t a tracking program, wasn’t “botched”, Holder knew, etc.), but the part about the massacre with guns sent south is not:

    None of the actions of the Obama administration in spying on reporters, threatening whistleblowers, or threatening anyone who opposes them is in any way a surprise.

    In fact, it’s laughable, though in a schadenfreude way. Those of us who live on the border have to deal with cartels armed by Obama so he could blame our own Second Amendment rights (there are also documented emails on ATF regulation “demand letters” about F&F, so this is verified as well), and now the rest of the country is getting a taste.

    I’m surprised that someone with “gun blogger” links would be so ignorant of Fast and Furious and the nature of this administration as to expect “so much to give” from Obama.

    Oh, and Brian Terry was a Red Wings fan. He was from Michigan, and killed by guns Obama sent south.

    • I’m surprised that someone with “gun blogger” links would be so ignorant of Fast and Furious and the nature of this administration as to expect “so much to give” from Obama.

      Your sarcasm is noted. I know damned well about “Gun walker” and “fast & ferious” I also know that the Republican Party fucking exploited that until it made them look stupid too.

      Then again, I don’t expect much from some partisan asshole, who leaves long assed comments and is totally fucking oblivious to that fact that I am not your typical Bush-loving egg-sucking neocon either.

      Anything else you’d like to say for a fucking encore, there einstein?

  3. Allow me to make this comment.

    I allowed the comment above by “Short-Timer” to stand, because I wanted people to see what happens when partisans come here.

    The Brian Terry thing was a sad thing all around. But, the Republicans exploited the situation and blew that whole thing out of proportion.

    THAT is why President Obama used executive privilege!

    To prevent a partisan witch hunt, like what is going on right now with the Libyan situation. This whole idea that Obama hates America is a meme being fed by the Republicans and the right as a whole.

    Because he is black, he is getting the Clinton treatment x 1 million. Why? Because the Republicans and Conservative are pissed that they lost.

    This deal with the DOJ and AP, and the IRS thing is bad; but here is a fun fact, LIBERAL groups were targeted too!

    Furthermore, Brian Terry worked in a high risk job, he knew the stakes. If his family was so damned worried about him dying, they should have convinced him to take a safer job. Same goes with this ambassador to Libya. If we’d kept our noses out of that situation, those four people would still be alive. But, no, we stuck our noses in it and then put 4 people in that Country, knowing damned well terrorists were still there; and they were killed.

    Wanna blame someone? Try blaming the Neocon hawks like Bill Kristol and John Podhoretz.

    and by the way, Short timer, he short timed his way to being banned. He was not interested in discussion; he was interested in being a partisan bomb thrower and reciting Republican talking points. Something I don’t allow around here, especially when they’re coupled with insults to myself.

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