Local News: Honest protest against ISIS or just staged for the media?

This comes via WXYZ TV in Detroit:

On one hand, I am glad to see Muslims stand up against terrorism; but the cynic in me, honestly wonders if this is just is not just some attempt to save face by the Muslim community in Detroit. After all, this blogger here, has went undercover and caught Islāmic Imams preaching hate of Christians and Jews from their pulpits.

So, this little protest really means nothing to me really.

40 Years ago: The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald with 29 dead

Just a personal note: I have no personal connection to this tragic event. But, in Michigan here, this is basically our 9/11. There has not been a more tragic event like this one. It is something that always gives me the chills to think about. May the memory of these 29 men never be forgotten and what killed them, which was greedy crony capitalists that really only cared about getting the profit made and not about the lives of these men.

The only music that I will ever play for this event:

As 11 bells tolled inside the Mariners’ Church in downtown Detroit, the family members of some of the victims of the 1975 wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald mourned but also recalled happier times for their loved ones aboard the ill-fated freighter.

Sisters Elaine Riippa Sespico and Lonnie Turner journeyed from Ashtabula, Ohio to Detroit to join more than 250 in the church at the foot of the Detroit River to remember their 22-year-old brother Paul Michael Riippa during the annual Great Lakes Memorial Service.

“It was such a devastation,” said Sespico Sunday after the service about her younger brother. Paul Riippa was a deck hand who was on the Edmund Fitzgerald during its final journey when it went down during a November gale in Lake Superior. He had taken the assignment to earn money for college. He was studying nursing.

Twenty-nine lives were lost when the freighter, carrying ore, sank in November in 1975.

Turner said her brother was an athlete and played football in high school. She said he looked like Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She said Paul Riippa was attending Wilmington College when he lost his life aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald and was planning to attend Kent State University.

“We hope people won’t forget. We hope people will always the Edmund Fitzgerald and the 29 lives that were lost,” said Sespico. “It was such a devastation.”

Sespico said of her younger brother: “We loved him very much. ..he was such a good boy and we will always remember him. He loved God. He loved Jesus. He loved everybody.”

Both Sespico and Turner recalled Sunday the horrendous days that would pass before they learned that their brother would not be coming home.

“We waited anxiously for quite a few days for him to come back because we always knew he would be one to survive,” said Sespico. She said she talks to her children all the time about her brother.

“ We talk about him to keep his memory on,” she said. “We don’t want to forget.”

Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sank to the bottom of Lake Superior during a storm. – Source Detroit News


Blacks are whining in Detroit….Again

It seems that the “social justice” crowd is at it again, trying to subtly suggest that because Detroit has a white Mayor, that blacks are being discriminated against.

Via NBC News black division:

Downtown Detroit has been fashionably in redevelopment and undergoing resurgence since the economic downturn, but not everyone is feeling welcome.

With its shiny new facades on chic eateries, cafes and microbreweries, the bright transformation and new attitude has often been called “New Detroit.” It’s all a point of pride for Mike Duggan, the first white mayor elected in 40 years who took office last year. His efforts ranging from urban landscaping to lowering the crime rate to incubating booming businesses have brought new hope for the Motor City—consistently plagued for decades with scandals, crime and blight.

Yet, many black Detroiters are crying foul, saying Detroit is becoming a tale of two cities; while young, white residents enjoy a stylish, prosperous downtown, black business owners say they are being systematically forced out of business.

Not everyone is buying that little lie however:

Charlie Beckham, Detroit’s Group Executive for Neighborhoods, who invited the first group of business owners to talk, is adamant there is no effort to push out black businesses. Instead, he said, the economy has changed, and people are repositioning.

“There are plenty of successful black business owners doing the right thing. They scratched and saved and paid their workers before they bought the Cadillac,” said Beckham, who has served six mayors since the late Coleman Young, the city’s first black mayor. “The responsibility is on us. When you’ve had a month-to-month lease for 25 years, and you get pushed out of your lease or when you lose your property because you didn’t pay your mortgage or taxes, that’s just bad business.”

Meanwhile, Smith negotiated a lease with new building owners and Spectacles is staying put. Mo’ Better Blues, which in October won a $50,000 Motor City Match grant from the city of Detroit, is celebrating its grand opening in another downtown location on November 7. The Mongos continue to run Café D’Mongo’s Speakeasy, a downtown bar/restaurant.

“We’ve got to tighten up in this new environment,” Beckham said. “Buy the building. Negotiate a strong lease. If the economy goes up or down, you will not get pushed out. Is there still racism? Yes. But we can’t let that be an excuse.”

Here’s what I wrote in the comments section of this story:

Amazing, the same people that are largely responsible for the downfall of my great city are now @!$%#ing because they’re not being allowed to do it again. How quaint. 

The truth is, if you don’t have the money to be in business, you shouldn’t be in business to start with! NO ONE is entitled to anything! If you can’t hang with the big dogs, get off the porch!

Racist? No. Racial Realist? Yes. 

If you ain’t got the flow to be in business, than take your broke black a$$ on down the road and let someone who does have the building, it is just that simple. 

Amazing how blacks think that they’re entitled to everything. This is what happens when you give them special treatment. Give them an inch and they try to take a mile. 

I stand behind that comment 100%.


Michigan House boots Gamrat and Courser resigns

Remember these two dunderheads? Well, he quit and she got the boot:

Lansing — The Michigan House of Representatives ousted state Rep. Cindy Gamrat from office just after 4 a.m. Friday for misconduct involving her extramarital affair with Rep. Todd Courser — one hour after Courser abruptly resigned.At 4:13 a.m., the House voted 91-12 to expel Gamrat from office after the Plainwell Republican made a final plea on the floor for a censure. Gamrat’s ouster makes her just the fourth lawmaker to be expelled from the Legislature”Resigning would have been a whole lot easier, I’ll tell you that,” Gamrat said. “But sometimes the easy roads aren’t the best roads to take.”

Source: House expels Gamrat; Courser resigns before vote

What gets me, like Ed over at HotAir.com, I am amazed it took so many votes. Either way, I’m glad they’re gone.

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Justice? Detroit Drug Dealer and FBI informant “White Boy Rick” to be resentenced

This is an interesting development.

Via The Detroit Free Press:

Richard Wershe Jr.— known as White Boy Rick — wore European suits and had a full head of hair when he gained notoriety as a teenage drug dealer in the 1980s.

In a Detroit courtroom today, the now bald 46-year-old had on green jail garb when he learned he will be resentenced for a drug crime committed at age 17, which could lead to his freedom.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway issued the ruling and said her decision was based on case law related to juveniles and the evolution of penalties for drug crimes.

Wershe was quiet and stoic during the 5-minute hearing in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice attended by friends and family, including his mother and 27-year-old son. About a dozen reporters and several photographers also gathered in the courtroom.

Wershe was convicted of possession with intent to deliver more than 650 grams of cocaine in 1988 and has spent the last 27 years in prison. Authorities said Wershe had eight kilos of high-grade powered cocaine worth about $5 million.

I remember when this man’s trial and sentencing happened back in the 1980’s. I never knew him personally, as he lived on the other side of town from me. However, I remember the buzz in the local media. There is alot more to Rick’s story, to put you up to speed, here are a few videos on the subject:

For some context, watch these:

As you can see, Rick was used by the feds and then left in jail to rot. 😡

The truth is, that if Rick were a black man, he would already be out of jail. However, because Rick is a white man and because he happens to know a good deal about the corrupt workings of the Detroit police and the political elite class in Detroit and the federal government’s so called “war on drugs,”  the feds want him to stay behind bars.

Here is hoping that Rick finally gets some justice in his very sad case.

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