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Did Steven Crowder sucker punch a union protester?

Now this is very interesting: The Photo: The story: The washed up child actor is apparently to stupid to realize just what he was admitting in that interview. He is apparently too stupid to understand that the video they showed last night includes proof that he sucker punched the demonstrator before he himself was hit […]

Governor Rick Snyder starts to feel the heat for his idiocy

I find this to be very encouraging, perhaps Governor Snyder did not realize what he was getting into, or maybe he did. The Story via Greg Sargent at Washington Post: The “right to work” battle in Michigan may not be over quite yet. Top Democrats in the Michigan Congressional delegation just wrapped up their meeting with Governor […]

Special Comment: The Republican Party has lost me again

I am not quite sure where to begin this editorial, so I will just start writing and I hope everything will just fall into place. I am sure that by now you know about Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder and his sudden swerve into the extreme right. As a disillusioned former Democrat, who voted for him, […]

This is pretty much spot on

This is from a progressive blog, but man is she ever right: I don’t really care why Snyder folded; the problem is that he did. Now Lansing has triggered all kindsa turmoil that we coulda shoulda avoided. Here are just a few of the ramifications of what one shitty nerd did yesterday: 1. Snyder ruined […]