Did Steven Crowder sucker punch a union protester?

Now this is very interesting:

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The washed up child actor is apparently to stupid to realize just what he was admitting in that interview. He is apparently too stupid to understand that the video they showed last night includes proof that he sucker punched the demonstrator before he himself was hit in retaliation. This is why you don’t let ignorant washed-up child actors serve as correspondents on your fake news show. It never turns out well for you or your neoliberal agenda.

So brainiac Crowder inadvertently admitted yesterday that he went to the demonstration to provoke a response; to “prove the left for who they really are”. This mindset of Crowder holds true to his current alignment with the  Andrew Breitbart  “war against the institutional left.”   philosophy and it makes what happened and it puts the subsequent misleading editing of the first video he released in the proper perspective.

And apparently after he was unable to garner something he could use on Fox “news” that night after being belligerent all day long to people who are literally out there fighting for their jobs, their pensions and their futures, he decided to step it up a notch.

As the Fox cameraman was focused on one confrontation, Crowder ducks under the view of the camera and sucker punches  the demonstrator who was then filmed getting up off the ground and going right at Steven in retaliation.

Above is a still taken from the extended video Fox ran on the Sean Hannity show last night. Notice the extended crawler they ran over the bottom 3rd of the screen in an effort to hide Steven’s hand. It ran so fast you can barely make out what happened, but I took it frame by frame and as I pointed out last night when I first saw the edited video, Steven clearly hits the man, I think he sucker punched him, in order to provoke a response.

The still above is a screen capture taken from that video. You can see Steven’s arm is outstretched and he pulls it back quickly. It’s outstretched in the direction and approximate height of the demonstrator’s head. He’s also got his right hand up covering the right side of his face in what appears to be a defensive posture taught in fight training and probably a conditioned action by Steven when he throws a punch.

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No wonder the dude slugged him. Like I said, this was all done intentionally and they got what they wanted. It is too bad, that one poor man got caught in the middle of it all.


Governor Rick Snyder starts to feel the heat for his idiocy

I find this to be very encouraging, perhaps Governor Snyder did not realize what he was getting into, or maybe he did.

The Story via Greg Sargent at Washington Post:

The “right to work” battle in Michigan may not be over quite yet.

Top Democrats in the Michigan Congressional delegation just wrapped up their meeting with Governor Rick Snyder, during which they urged him in no uncertain terms: If you go forward with “right to work” legislation, you’ll be consigning the state to years of discord and division. They urged him to consider vetoing the legislation or postponing it until the next session — or even agreeing to subject it to referendum.

According to Dems who were on the call, Snyder told them he would “seriously” take into account their objections — which they took as a genuine indication of possible willingness, for now, to reconsider.

“The Governor listened, and he told us he would seriously consider our concerns,” Senator Carl Levin said on a conference call with reporters.

The tenor of the meeting, which participants described as urgent and intense, underscores the gravity of the situation — not just for Democrats, but for the state itself. Dems told Snyder that forging ahead with “right to work” legislation risked undermining the progress in labor-management relations in the state and could create a situation similar to Wisconsin, where an ongoing battle over collective bargaining tore the state apart for over a year.

I do not trust the weasel myself, and here is why; This comes via Deadline Detroit, which I had some choice words for once, and which I retract those words too — granted, I have not always liked what I have seen there, but I was a bit harsh on them, they have the right to publish what they wish, just like I do…:

Signing right-to-work legislation will have serious, even dire consequences on the state, congressional Democrats told Gov. Rick Snyder this morning, according to Kathleen Gray in the Free Press.

In a private meeting in Detroit between seven members of Congress and Snyder, Sen. Carl Levin told reporters afterward they asked Snyder to either veto the legislation or remove the appropriation attached to the bill, which would allow a statewide vote on the issue.

“The labor environment has dramatically improved in the state,” Levin said. But with right to work, “instead of having a Michigan united, we’re going to have a Michigan divided.”

A couple of hours after meeting with the delegation, Snyder signaled his continuing support of the right-to-work bills when he tweeted, “Freedom to work is all about creating more and better jobs in Michigan.”

So, basically, this guy is nothing more than a lying snake. If I were the labor movement, I would not trust him at all. if anything at all; I would begin to mount a recall effort against this man and get him out of office as soon as they possibly could. Like others have noted, Governor Snyder has proven that he is nothing more than a lying stack of crap and will say and do anything to stay in power — including straight up lie to get elected, like he did to me and every other person who trusted him.

There is two things in this world that I have little or no use for — and that is thieves and liars; and this idiot Snyder is a lying piece of crap, if there ever was one to be behold.  As the Detroit Free Press rightly noted, Governor Rick Snyder knowingly lied to the people of Michigan, including disillusioned Democrats like myself, who come from Democratic Party voting families and who happen to care about this State and this Country and do not agree with the far socialist left agenda of President Barack Obama. This does not mean, however, that we think that unions ought be outlawed and busted up.

Again, as I wrote before on here, this was nothing more than a pander to the extremist wing of the Republican Party and by doing this; Governor Snyder will pay a terrible price.




Special Comment: The Republican Party has lost me again

My 67 Year old Father, who the Republican Party decided to rob blind. His name is Charlie Adkins. General Motors Employee for 31 Years. He is retired and living the good life.

I am not quite sure where to begin this editorial, so I will just start writing and I hope everything will just fall into place.

I am sure that by now you know about Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder and his sudden swerve into the extreme right. As a disillusioned former Democrat, who voted for him, despite the fact that I come for a Democratic Party voting family; I am extremely angry at him right now and the Republican Party in Michigan.

Rick Snyder came off to me as a moderate Republican, someone who was not interested in pursuing some sort of radical agenda or in causing this sort of chaos in Michigan. Well, needless to say, I and many others who voted for him, despite our feelings about the Republican Party as a whole; have egg on our faces.

This idiotic move was nothing more than an appeasement to the Republican base. There was talk of a primary challenge by someone in the Republican Party of Michigan; I do not know who it was, but it obviously scared Snyder into taking this huge swerve.

There will be consequences for this overreach of partisan Government. My earlier posting showed some of it. If there was not enough support to get Governor Snyder recalled, there will be now. The organized labor movement is on full alert now and they are extremely pissed off and rightly so. The Democratic Party base is now totally energized and when this happens, things happen and people get taken out of office and quickly.

I will also let this out as well. I made this threat in an earlier blog posting. The Bush-era is over, and the Obama era is now in its second term. The Republican Party of Michigan and Nationally; as far as this writer is concerned, have demonstrated that they have no interest in protecting people like my Father. They have shown me, that they would rather destroy everything which my Father worked, for 31 years at General Motors. They have shown this writer that they would like to see my Father fairly earned retirement taken from him. They have shown to me, that they want to see my Father’s social security taken from him and his Medicare taken from him as well.

Because of these facts, I have decided to make the following announcement. The announcement is this: My vote for 2014 and 2016 are now officially up for grabs. The Republican Party is trending towards something that I simply cannot support and that is an extremist position towards unions and organized labor. Furthermore, they have proven to me, that they are not interested in protecting our Seniors, like my Mother and Father.

Therefore, because of that, I am now, officially rescinding my support of the Republican Party as a whole and basically of the Conservative movement. I still consider myself a “right of center.” A moderate Conservative or a Blue Dog Democrat, if you want to call me that. I still believe in the idea of American greatness and Reagan’s idea of optimism.

However, I do not believe in this awful misuse of Government power by the Republican Party of Michigan to undermine the ability of people to collectively bargain, if they should choose to do so. This is nothing more overreach and it is morally wrong and I, as am American cannot support it. This is what Hitler and the Nazi’s did and this is what the Soviet Empire did as well. It is fascism of the highest order and I cannot and will not support it. For the record, I have always believed that, and now it is time to put my convictions to use.

Therefore, there are changes coming to this blog. I will removing a good deal of the RSS feeds, save maybe one. To be honest, I do not really agree with any of them anymore. I will be adding some from a different perspective. Some people might be offended by them; but, that is just too bad. When a political party chooses fascism over liberty, something must be done and someone must take a stand.

Consider this my stand.

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This is pretty much spot on

This is from a progressive blog, but man is she ever right:

I don’t really care why Snyder folded; the problem is that he did. Now Lansing has triggered all kindsa turmoil that we coulda shoulda avoided. Here are just a few of the ramifications of what one shitty nerd did yesterday:

1. Snyder ruined his own reputation as a moderate. Mind you, those of us who pay attention already knew he was a right wing loon. Now everyone else finally knows too. Here’s hoping we see no more of those bullshit editorials by the NYT on how Mr Snyder breaks the mold. I’d like to say I toldja so but if you are receptive to that message then you are already kicking yourself.

2. Snyder demonstrated that his “word” is worthless. We all know the difference between what he said and what he did. ’nuff said.

3. Snyder has cemented his legacy as a Dictator Governor. Removing local governments, pepper-spraying protesters, locking people out of the Capitol. Detroit will probably riot again. Rick Snyder brought us civil unrest.

4. Snyder’s agenda will stall. Though since he’s never been honest about what’s on it, this may be hard to measure.

Those are just some of the consequences to Snyder. I’m not making any predictions on his re-election, though I am pretty confident that he just lost. Here are some of the consequences for the rest of us:

1. People are going to get their asses beat in union shops. Say what you want about union thugs, I know you will anyway. But if you join a union shop and you take union benefits and let the union people take all the risk and you refuse to help, someone is going to fuck with you. If you understood the history of labor, you would understand the violence. If you don’t like it, you’ve got the freedom to work at a non-union shop. Sayonara, leech.

2. Discrimination against union members will increase. Union busting shops will offer better wages and benefits to the folks who refuse to pay union dues. Some of the right wingers will use this as evidence that unions aren’t needed, but that’s because they’re stupid. Once the union goes away, so will the incentive to offer perks.

3. Recalls will begin. Targeted recalls against House and Senate members will begin as soon as possible. That’s not me organizing them; there were already talks underway. The interesting thing about recalls this time is that the people who generally do not support them are actually in favor of them now. I predict we will take out 2 House members and 1 Senator, and we will take over the legislature in 2014. Some of those House seats we might not be able keep because they’ll be in Republican territory, but a conservative Democrat might be able to hold them. (Snyder will not be a target of a recall)

4. Gerrymandering reform will begin this decade. If you have to lie about your intentions and lock people out of the Capitol, you know you are going against the wishes of the people. The way to fix that is to fix the gerrymandering system that allows the Republicans to keep control of our government even though they are the clear minority in the state.

5. The right to steal law will be repealed. We’ll have this fight all over again, and we’ll win. And it will be easier because we’ll be in the majority.

via And the republican party accelerates its decline into nothingness.

Spot on….