Is the collapse of China’s economy beginning?

I have written and posted videos of the situation of China’s economy.

Now, it seems that the real estate bubble in China is finally starting to pop.

Gordon Chang over at Forbes reports the following:

Nothing is going right for Hangzhou at this moment.  Walmart will be closing its Zhaohui store in that city on April 23 as a part of its overall plan to dump marginal locations—about 9% of the total—in China.

Thanks to the world’s largest retailer, another large block of space in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, will go on the market at a time when there is generally too much supply.  The problem is especially pronounced in the city’s premium office market. Hangzhou’s Grade A office buildings at the end of 2013 had, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, an average occupancy rate of 30%.

The real weakness, however, is Hangzhou’s residential sector.  The cause is simple: massive overbuilding. Sara Hsu of the State University of New York at New Paltz writes that Hangzhou faces “burgeoning swaths of empty apartment units.”

Hangzhou’s market has not yet collapsed.  There are still secondary sales, for instance.  Singapore’s Straits Timesreports Allen Zhao, a businessman, has been looking to sell his two-bedroom flat in Hangzhou for 2 million yuan.  His neighbor just let go a similar unit for 1.7 million.  If Zhao also sells for that amount, he will make a profit, but he will be disappointed.  “That is not much more than the price I paid in 2012,” Zhao told the paper.  “Now I’m regretting not selling earlier—more bad news about the property market keeps coming in every day.


The People’s Republic in the “reform era” has not suffered a nationwide property crash.  Analysts say the problems in Hangzhou are “regional,” but now fundamentals and market sentiment either are or will be pushing markets down across the People’s Republic.

“The banking system and the shadow banking system are becoming concerned about exposure,” says David Cui of Bank of AmericaBAC +1.46%.  “Once people refuse to provide credit to developers, their balance sheets will be under pressure, forcing them to cut prices.  Once enough of them cut prices, fewer people would buy because most people buy property only when they think the price is going up.  If this persists, it will turn into a vicious loop.”

Premier Li Keqiang has a few tools at his disposal, but they look insufficient to stop a general collapse of property prices across the country.  The problems, deferred from late 2008 with massive state spending, have simply become too large.  And we must remember that he works inside a complex, collective political system that is generally unable to meet challenges swiftly.

But that does not matter.  There is little any leader can do.  Collapses occur when people lose confidence.  That is now happening in China.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not; China’s economy is directly tied to ours. If their economy tanks, so will ours. You think 2008 was bad? China’s collapse will trigger a Worldwide panic and a massive, and I mean MASSIVE Worldwide economic meltdown that has never been seen in the history of mankind. As of 2012, we were borrowing 3.4 Million from China, a day.

Could you imagine, if China saw that things were getting rough and decided to sell off all of their bonds of ours that they hold? The so-called “experts” say that it would not happen; personally, I would not want to tempt fate.

There is but one solution to this — well, actually a few. We need to do away with these free trade agreements and put back into place tariffs on all imports from overseas. Then penalize any and all businesses who continue to manufacture products overseas. Then we need to elect a President that will stand up to the Federal Reserve and order them under full congressional oversight; and then order them to cease all printing of money; until further notice.  This would help pay down our debt and fund our social safety net.

Then we need to do away with this idiotic progressive tax system that we have in this Country, which basically punishes those who are successful in business. We then need to replace it with a flat tax or a consumption tax system. This would free up the hands of entrepreneurs to create businesses and also create more jobs in this Country.

However, if what this report above that I quoted is true; we are not going to have time to do all of this. Because if China is about to crash; we are going to find ourselves in massive rock and a hard place. We are going to have massive social safety net and no way to pay the people in the net. For the record, Patrick J. Buchanan and Ron Paul; and some very other well known Conservatives have been warning that this was going to happen. Now, it seems that their warnings are about to come true.

I believe it would be a good time, for all of God’s children to pray; because things are about to get interesting….very interesting.

Video: Tucker Carlson speaks the truth about the Clive Bundy situation

Yes, I was following it yesterday on twitter. I was worried sick that this situation was going to get very ugly. However, I did read the Fox News report and it seems that Clive Bundy was breaking the law.

Here’s Tucker Carlson saying exactly what I was thinking myself: (Via The Right Scoop)

Tucker is absolutely correct. If he is using public land, he has to pay; if he does not like that, he should sell his current ranch and move somewhere, where he will have his own land to use. I, as well, do not like the law that is on the books; but Conservatives are about rule of law; and if Bundy is breaking the law, these people that showed up are enabling a law breaker.

This is why I did not want to write about this story, because it quickly became clear to me, that Bundy was simply in the wrong.

The straight truth about Frazier Glenn Cross

First of all, I want it to be perfectly known; I am not defending the actions of this horrible man. What he did is beneath contempt and he deserves the death penalty for his actions. However, I feel the need to put out the truth about this person, because it seems there is a good deal of bad information being published.

I am referring to Frazier Glenn Cross, who just committed one of the worst acts of cowardice ever. It seems that some of the blogs are not reporting the truth about the man. Here is the truth about the man, and his assocations with the White Nationalist/White Separatist/Klan movement from Don Black, the owner of the forum

I posted earlier before seeing the post about Glenn Miller.

I knew Glenn back in the 80s. I liked him, but I’d noticed he was something of an alcohol-driven blowhard. But I kept my opinion to myself, in the interest of “unity.”

He’d later become a big-time snitch. After accepting money from The Order, he testified against them and others he said had also gotten money. The Order intended for him to also give some of their armored car loot to me, having decided he should be in charge of all “above-ground” organizations east of the Mississippi. I’d already been through a learning experience of my own with blowhard snitches, so I figured, “With friends like these…”

He seemed surprised I wouldn’t let him post on Stormfront when he came back in 2005. So he had to go to VNN. Alex Linder was the only “White Nationalist” who would accept a snitch.

I noticed Glenn has most recently been praising Joseph Paul Franklin on VNN, calling him “America’s greatest hero.” Glenn had befriended him by phone, before Franklin was executed, apparently even putting him in touch with the SPLC, so he could denounce all of us as “mentally ill.” He even mentioned having met David Duke and me back in 1969. He was actually the first “White Nationalist” I ever met, when we both lived in our home state of Alabama, which I described in another thread. My first and ongoing impression was that he was really sick and creepy.

Fortunately, I would meet real White Nationalist shortly afterward.

I gather Glenn must have been stung by VNNers’ criticism (calling them “anonymous pussies”). They had kept asking him why he didn’t follow his “greatest American hero.”

Don is referring to Vanguard News Network which is owned by Alex Linder. From what I’ve read Linder is a really winner, if you know what I mean. :roll: I have the unfortunate luck, of having some of my postings picked up by VNN’s news robot. Needless to say, I am not too happy about that, at all.

To be clear, Frazier Glenn Cross is not a hero, Frazier Glenn Cross is a yellow-bellied coward, who killed two non-Jews; two Christians who were actually attempting to serve the Lord. He deserves nothing but the death penalty. He was not an active member of any sort of White Nationalist groups; save one forum, which is not highly regarded among these people at all.

Just wanted to clear that up.


It’s pretty hard to comment, when you’ve been banned

The Council of Conservative Citizens shows its abject hypocrisy:

The comments on this website are self-moderating. We rely on the readers to “flag” comments that are inappropriate. When a comment is flagged a set number of times, it is removed from public view and placed in a moderation queue.

To flag a comment click, move the cursor to the upper left hand of the comment. A black triangle with appear. Click on the triangle, and then click “flag as inappropriate.”

Users who post threats, advocate violence, or impersonate other people will be permanently banned from posting comments.

via Help improve comments on this website.

I was banned from commenting there. Not once did I ever post a threat, advocate violence, nor did I impersonate anyone. I really do not know what I did there; but they cut me off from commenting. Here’s the proof:


Screencap of my being banned from CFCC’s commenting system.

The truth is, that if you are not 100% in lockstep with what they believe; then you will be banned from their commenting system. This is total proof of that fact.

Things have changed there since Samuel Francis died and not for the good.

An awesome story for one young boy’s quest for freedom

Jack Fowler over at NRO’s blog, “The Corner” shares the following:

On Babalublog, the great writer Carlos Eire celebrates his “second” birthday — the day he and his brother escaped from the oppression of Castro’s Cuba.

I highly recommend that you follow the link above. It is some awesome reading.


Quote of the Day

Reagan was an anti-Communist to his core, having fought them in the Screen Actors Guild in the 1940s. But he was never anti-Russian, and wanted always to keep the channels open. He ended his presidency as he had hoped, being cheered while strolling through Red Square with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Ronald Reagan never wanted to be a war president, and there were no wars on Reagan’s watch. None. The Gipper was no neocon.

I know how Ace Frehley feels

I feel Ace Frehley’s pain. Gene Simmons, since revealing that he is Jewish; has taken to playing the Semite card….alot.

An excerpt from an interview:

Paul’s book recently came out. Have you read any of it?

I haven’t read it, but I’m sure he threw me under the bus in one way or another. [Laughs] Although I heard he threw Gene under the bus more than anyone.

Apparently he thinks you and Peter are anti-Semitic.

That’s absurd. I’m engaged to a Jewish lady! I’ve been with her for five years. Her name is Rachael Gordon and she’s a singer-songwriter. I met her in San Diego on my 2008 tour. And my whole life I’ve been in the music business. You know the music business is controlled by Jewish people: My attorney, my accountant—everybody’s Jewish. [Laughs] I’m anti-Semitic? Are you out of your mind? You know what the problem is? Paul’s cranky because he can’t call me a drunk or a drug addict anymore. He can’t say I’m unemployable. He can’t say I don’t show up, because I do these days. So now he’s grasping at straws just to grab headlines for his goddamn book.

via Even Ace Frehley Thinks Kiss Is a Circus | NOISEY.

What killed KISS was the overmarketing of KISS by Gene Simmons (or should I call him Chaim Witz?) and because of Gene’s outspoken Conservative politics. The majority of KISS fans could give two flips about politics, Israel or anything else related. It is too bad that ol’ Chaim turned KISS into his own personal diamond mine and political bully pulpit. For all the controversial imagery in that group; there were some seriously good tunes written by that band — especially in the early years.

I know how Ace Frehley feels. I was basically blackballed by the neoconservative blogosphere; because I did not go along with the hive mind mentality, when it comes to Israel, in the Conservative blogosphere. I also have been called a racist by the same people, because I simply will not buy into the idea of multiculturalism. Which is, for what it is worth; progressive code words for being ashamed that you are a white person.

Anyhow, it is a shame that Simmons would stoop to such tactics against former band mates. But, it is to be expect by those who are a protected minority and seem to believe that they are entitled to some sort of special treatment. The funny thing is that Republicans will fall all over themselves to decry blacks who demand such treatment; but you dare let someone question the same treatment of Jews — and quickly those people are branded haters, by the same very people. It is a sad double standard in Conservative and Republican politics.

Sam Clovis dares to speak the truth about Obama’s impeachment

God Bless Him for daring to speak the truth:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sam Clovis, a firebrand northwest Iowa conservative, says he believes many congressional Republicans want to impeach President Obama. The only thing standing in their way, Clovis said in an interview, is the color of the president’s skin.

“I would say there are people in the House of Representatives right now that would very much like to take the opportunity to start the process,” Clovis said of impeaching the nation’s first African-American president. “And I think the reason that they’re not is because they’re concerned about the media.”

In an interview with the Daily Times Herald, Clovis, who did not provide reasons for why the president would be vulnerable to impeachment, said the media would cover the issues surrounding such proceedings differently with a black president than a white one with the same record.

via Clovis: Obama’s race shields him from impeachment – Daily Times Herald – Carroll, Iowa.

He is correct, of course. If the House tried to impeach President Obama, there would be a full-on race-riot in this Country and you can guess which race would be targeted — and I do not mean Latinos either! :shock: Every white man who lived in the cities and in the suburbs would be a target. This is why the Republicans in the House have not decided to do this; because it would cause chaos.

Good for him for telling the truth. Of course, the liberal left is attacking  the man for having the gall to speak such a thing; but it is the truth.

The Government is hell-bent on killing the trucking industry

The corporatization of America is happening and it is killing small business. Patrick J. Buchanan has talked about it; and it sadly is happening.

I give you a prime example of this, in an industry that I know very much about —- trucking.

The story via National Review:

John Benning painstakingly saved for 15 years to launch his business, a small Reno-based firm that connected manufacturers with truckers who could move their goods. But a big change to an obscure bonding requirement, tucked into Congress’s 2012 transportation bill, “just completely drove me out of business,” Benning says. “I’m back at a job, and my American dream got squashed. I just don’t know what else to say. It’s just really, really, really disappointing.”

Benning isn’t alone; in the past six months, the new bonding requirement has forced the closure of more than 8,000 similar small-scale independent freight brokers and forwarders, according to the Association of Independent Property Brokers and Agents (AIPBA), a trade group that represents small and midsized brokers.

Before Congress rushed through the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), independent freight brokers and forwarders were required to have available at least $10,000, money that was used as a guarantee for both the manufacturers and truckers. The new legislation raised that bonding requirement to a steep $75,000 — more than many businesses could possibly raise. But without that capital available, they lost their licenses beginning December 1.

James Lamb, president of AIPBA, estimates 38 percent of small-scale brokers and 73 percent of small-scale freight forwarders “were knocked out.” Furthermore, he says, “We believe there was collusion by the other trade groups to eliminate competition,” adding that trade groups representing bigger companies performing the same services lobbied hard to raise the bonding requirement.

“The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) purports this would fight fraud, but in essence, this was an attempt to remove the small players from the industry,” Lamb says. “And they’ve accomplished what we believe they set out to do.”

Of course, the do-gooder statists say:

Robert A. Voltmann, the president of TIA, tells National Review Online by e-mail that his trade group “pushed for a comprehensive set of reforms designed to combat fraud,” working alongside the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).

“The only entities being harmed are would-be scammers and those too undercapitalized to qualify for the bond,” Voltmann says. “An entrepreneur needs to be properly capitalized to start any business, but one that handles other people’s money needs to be even more prepared for the [rigors] of the market.”

The result:

By AIPBA’s estimates, as many as 17,000 small businesses could end up going under because of the new bonding requirement. A December 2013 news release claimed that “consumer prices will likely rise as competition is diminished and a few large companies dictate the cost of moving goods.”

AIPBA has applied to the Department of Transportation for an exemption, which would allow some small businesses to keep their licenses despite failure to meet the $75,000 bond.

The group has also filed suit, claiming that although Congress required the Department of Transportation to set a minimum bond at $75,000, the agency failed to follow proper rulemaking procedures. If the correct process had been followed, Lamb says, the agency could have explicitly stated that the $75,000 minimum was sufficient. “That’s important to us because we’ve heard there are future attempts to increase the bond amount,” Lamb says.

However, for one man — it is all too little, too late:

For former entrepreneurs like Benning, such efforts come too late, though.

“You can’t be a small-business man anymore and do brokerage,” Benning says. “The economy was already tanked, and it was really, really, really difficult. [The new requirement] just put the knife all the way in.”

This is what happens when corporate special interest and Government work hand in hand. You get fascism, you crony capitalism, and you get honest small time businessmen being run out of business. This is what Pat Buchanan and myself are always talking about, when it comes to stuff like this here.

If Republicans don’t stop acting like Democrats; this one fine industry, might actually find itself snuffed out. What with immigration at the levels that it is at, you get these immigrants who will work for nothing and getting a CDL with green card is easy. Real Americans cannot even get jobs anymore. At least not any the pay any sort of a living wage. Between that, and the situation quoted above, it is a wonder anyone is even involved in the industry anymore.

I would like to share a video with you all; actually, it is a movie. It is about the trucking world and the industry. Much has been made about the truck industry. It is been romanticized, made fun of and downright misrepresented in Hollywood. This movie tells the real story. This is “Big Rig” from 2007:



That’s because they’re neoconservatives and not true conservatives

 observes the following:

Some “conservative” bloggers have been sanctimoniously asserting that Putin should “renounce his association with the KGB,” the “former” Russian domestic spying agency, if he wants “the world” to take him seriously.  At the same time, these “conservatives” publicly support NSA spying on every single American, the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping and eavesdropping, etc.,  and they are not demanding that any American politicians “renounce” their association with the CIA, the KGB’s counterpart.  These are the some of the same individuals who supported President George H.W. Bush, a former head of the CIA.   Further proof that politics makes people either stupid, evil, or both.

via Blinded by the Myth of “American Exceptionalism” –

This is because the neoconservatives are not true conservatives; but rather big government statists, who are perfectly fine with big Government — as long as they control it. However, the minute that they lose control of that Government, they decry it from the high heavens. It is textbook hypocrisy of the highest order.

These are the one’s who say that we must cut spending and remove entitlement programs; but, yet, they want to increase Military spending and defend Israel at all costs. It is a bi-polar way of conducting politics. Now, I am not saying that we should not be ready to defend our Country; but it is an entirely different thing to be playing the World’s police officer and defending a Country that looks at the United States as useful idiots.

This is the exact reason I distinguish myself from them and identify myself as a Paleoconservative or a Pat Buchanan-type conservative. Yes, there is a very big difference and yes, it is a great one. Anyone that says that this is not true; is either unlearned about politics and willfully misleading people.