UPDATED: No War. But no friends either.

There used to be a rather angry post here about this guy.

Update: I have covered this great detail here, which resulted in my unlinking by some of RSM’s friends. As I suspected, I was being used as a pawn, in a grudge spat between this guy and Ed Morrissey.  Which is why RSM sent me the traffic in the first place. Ed Morrissey informed me on his program today, that he has no problem with me at all. Which is pretty cool, considering I did offer a critique of one of his co-bloggers, which went viral and was used by said blogger to try and say that Tina was a untalented bimbo slut; which did not go over well with me at all. 😡

I’ve learned a bit from this mistake; I know now not to trust anyone in this Blogosphere; and I also won’t be linking carelessly anymore. I thought the little spat between me and McCain was over. But it turns out, he was just using me as a pawn. Charles Johnson might be wrong about the Anti-Jihadi bloggers, but he is right on point about RSM. This guy’s history is much, much more colorful than mine ever was. The worst thing I’ve ever been guilty of, is popping off about some American Jews, who I disagreed over foreign policy with. I’ve never been a member of any neo-Confederate organizations, nor have I written for any White Nationalist magazines either. I admit it, I’ve had ONE account at stormfront.org and it was for research purposes; and I don’t even have posting access to it any longer. Because the stormfronter’s figured out I was not down with their idiotic beliefs.

What bugs me, is the fact that the “right” Blogosphere simply glosses over this stuff. It is sicking. Needless to say; from this moment forward, I’m gonna be real careful who and where I link to; because quite bluntly, I don’t need the troubles.