A follow up on linking and quoting this blog

I wanted to write a follow-up to a previous posting on this blog.  Mainly, because in the video that was included with that posting made me look and sound like I was some sort of a fire breathing manic.  Frankly, when I shot that video, I was highly annoyed and I do freely admit to having a very fierce temper.  I get it from my Mother and Father’s sides of the family.  My Grandmother’s brother, who was known to the family as “Buddy Hayes,” had a red-hot temper than used to scare the wits out of me.  My Father’s side of the family were known for their tempers too, although, their fuses were much longer.  I will say that in my advanced years, I am a bit less prone to, as they say, “blow a head casket” than I was when I was around 19 years old.  I still have a fuse; it is just much longer and is not as prone to explode as it used to be.  It comes with age and maturity.  However, you lay a finger on my coffee mug in the mornings; you might just be taking your life in your hands.  😉

Okay, now to what I really meant, when I said all that in the video.  The phrase, “my thoughts and rantings are not up for wholesale use.”  Now, to the average person, this would be a confusing statement; so, I shall explain.  What I meant by that is this here; I do not mind people linking to this blog and quoting my words and statements, in fact, I encourage it!  This is what makes the Blogosphere go around.  However, I do have a problem with people who use my words to push a particular “Meme” as they are called today.

For example, I made the following comment about a particular bloggers skirt length during an interview:

One thing I will give to the Jewish people and to the Muslim people; at least they are sincere about what they believe and actually act like it.

This quote was bandied around the blogosphere and made some internet news sites.  It is not that I minded my words being quoted; it was why my words were quoted by a particular blogger, which made me, as they call it, “ ready to blow a head gasket.”  I, and a few other bloggers were quoted by a particular blogger, because he had, as they call it, “an axe to grind” with another blog, a media company and another blogger himself.  The man was angered because he was passed over for a job as a full-time blogger.  To add insult to injury, the said media company that owns said blog, hired a woman — who, in the opinion of some, is a no-talent bimbo and was hired for her external appearance.  This, in my humble opinion, smacks of sexism.

What really had this writer ready to bite a nail in two; was the fact that my words, which were a simple, “off the cuff” observation that was never really intended to be used anywhere else, much less be paid much attention to — was used by another blogger as evidence of said female blogger’s morals and sexual looseness.  This was, in fact, never my intention in the first place. What really gets my goat, is that this said purveyor of said “internet meme” or rumor about said female blogger, is under some sort of personal delusion that he is somehow the Blogosphere’s version of Hunter S. Thompson.  As much as it going to sound like I am being an unkind person, I believe, said person needs to find another line of work.  Because Hunter S. Thompson he is not. Furthermore, I find it quite ironic that said blogger would even remotely consider someone like Mr. Thompson as a person to aspire to, considering that Thompson was an ardent leftist and hated everything that Conservatives stood for.

Again, let me reiterate in the strongest terms that I can muster as a writer; I do not mind being linked to, quoted and discussed.  In fact, I find all of the attention rather humorous, considering the fact that I am nothing more than high school dropout, with ADHD; whose biggest feat was managing not ending up in a state prison cell.  Again, you may quote me all you wish; but please, if you are quoting me, because you want to create a false impression of someone, because you have an axe to grind with something or someone —- please, refrain from using my words to further your cause.

I hope that this will the last time I ever have to address this rather idiotic subject.