Could not happen to a better bunch of people!

For the longest time, I used to watch this stuff go on and I would never say a word; except maybe to defend someone’s wife. Which I still believe was totally out of bounds to be posting her picture and pictures of his kids, blurred or not.

However, seeing that I have totally divorced myself from the so-called “right” due to the attack on my Father. I believe I can say what I truly feel.

I happen to notice what is going on around in the blogosphere at the moment and all I can truly say is this: It could not be happening to better group of people.

You see, this same dude, slandered me in the past. The second link there, was a serious screw up on my part, I admit that, and I have apologized a bunch of times for it. He was not the only one, a bunch of others have done it too and some of them, and getting their just deserts, as they should. 😀

But, this guy here, threw me under the bus, for no other reason, than to please some mentally depraved idiot, who does not even know me. Then, to try and make up for it, he goes and takes a fairly innocent post and twists it into a bunch of crap that it was never intended to be; and then, acts like *I* am the person with the problem.

So, you know what gents? I have one thing to say about all this stuff that is happening to you all……………….;


Give ’em hell Mr. Grouch and don’t quit giving these loser right wing con-job mother fuggers hell until they are ALL under indictment by the FBI!  Sitting around making money on a semi-half fake DEAD JEW! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! 😯

Countdown to being called an a-hole, an anti-Semite, a racist and all that other lame stuff they like to call me…

I got one thing to say to you rich ass honky pukes:

I know what you are thinking:

“Hey! You are white too!”

Yeah, you are correct, I am white. But, you know what? If I go down to Detroit, namely the southwest side. I would be treated with respect, as they know me. If ya’ll white tight-y Sean Hannity types went down there; ya’ll would get your little cracker, Sean Hannity looking asses shot and killed. Let’s just say, it’s the difference between ghetto white and rich suburbia white. 19 years living hard in the big D does have its advantages.

Just sayin’ ya’ll. I’m just sayin’…. 😀



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