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The biggest line B.S. that I have heard at Hotair.com in a long time

This comes via Jazz Shaw, (who is too big of a coward to write under his real name) who once called me a “racist digbag” on twitter: We’ve heard more than our share of complaints about the fact that Hot Air generally holds open registration periods which limit the pool of commenters and that there […]

Hilarity at HotAir.com

Maybe it’s because I am half asleep. But, I happened to stumble across something that almost made me fall out of my chair….laughing! I happen to follow my RSS Reeder’s feed over to HotAir.com and was reading the story. This when I noticed the ad, up there on the right side, top. I really realize […]

“Stay the hell out of Syria!” Says, HotAir.com?!?!?!??!

I happen to be checking out one of my many blogs that I read on a daily basis here,  and I happen to see the following: From a strictly strategic point of view, why not let Hezbollah fight al-Qaeda affiliates and let them drain each other of strength?  That has to be a better outcome […]

Noted cowardly anonymous blogger slams Detroit

It’s a pretty provocative headline. But, it’s sorta true and sorta not. I have written before about Detroit’s problems, so, I know full well of what goes on around here. I also happen to know that Detroit’s Auto companies sales are up too. Anyhow, I guess Governor Snyder, in between supposedly bringing in jobs for this state, […]

Racism at HotAir.com

I am calling this nonsense out, because this blog is run by some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Over at the Neocon HotAir.com, in their silly sub-echo chamber greenroom there was the posting on this video here: Check out some of the comments over there: These are the same idiots, who removed my […]