Hilarity at HotAir.com

Maybe it’s because I am half asleep. But, I happened to stumble across something that almost made me fall out of my chair….laughing!

I happen to follow my RSS Reeder’s feed over to HotAir.com and was reading the story. This when I noticed the ad, up there on the right side, top.

Increase your made man hood at Hotair.com! :lol:
Increase your made man hood at Hotair.com!

I really realize that HotAir.com does not have control over those ads. But, I never expected to see that kind of ad, with a woman who sort of, kind of, in a way…..looks like Michelle Bachmann.

Too funny! :D

“Stay the hell out of Syria!” Says, HotAir.com?!?!?!??!

I happen to be checking out one of my many blogs that I read on a daily basis here,  and I happen to see the following:

From a strictly strategic point of view, why not let Hezbollah fight al-Qaeda affiliates and let them drain each other of strength?  That has to be a better outcome than victory for Assad or for the Nusrah Front and its AQ allies.  An American intervention that tips the scales towards AQ would be absurd, and yet that seems to be exactly what Republicans and Democrats in Washington want from the Obama administration.

If we are going to intervene, it should be with a heavy footprint that ends the Nusrah Front’s control of wide swaths of Syria.  That will take years, hundreds of thousands of troops, and probably trillions of dollars — but it’s the only way to intervene and keep Islamist terrorists from taking over large parts of Syria like they did in Libya, after a 30,000-foot intervention by Obama and NATO.  If we don’t want to pay that kind of price for intervention, then let’s stay the hell out of Syria in the first place.

Now, who would make such a statement? Lew Rockwell? Ron Paul? Rand Paul? The Editors at The American Conservative? Patrick J. Buchanan?

Why, No.

It was none other than Ed Morrissey at HotAir.com.

For what it is truly worth, Ed has a good point. This whole neocon idea of controlling the entire arab world is absurd and would come back to bite us anyhow. We lost a good deal of American treasure in Iraq and for what? Some bad intelligence that no one could be bothered to verify? As Ed basically said here; lets not make that same mistake twice. We cannot afford it anyhow, and I just happen to believe that America is war-weary anyhow, any sort of military action would a disaster for the Democrats and for America in general.

So, hats off to Ed Morrissey for speaking a truth, that might not be that popular in his own circles. Being a truth-teller in politics, especially in Conservative circles is a really hard thing at times. I am sure that he took it on the chin to speak that truth on that blog. My thoughts are with him, because, as I well know; speaking from the heart and shooting from the hip is not easy sometimes.

Noted cowardly anonymous blogger slams Detroit

All Racism, All the time?

It’s a pretty provocative headline. But, it’s sorta true and sorta not.

I have written before about Detroit’s problems, so, I know full well of what goes on around here. I also happen to know that Detroit’s Auto companies sales are up too.

Anyhow, I guess Governor Snyder, in between supposedly bringing in jobs for this state, is appointing an emergency manager in for the City of Detroit. Quoting the Detroit News, a right-leaning newspaper, by the way:

Snyder said the city has not been able to solve its financial crisis and that outside help is needed. Today “is a day to call all hands on deck… to say there’s been too much fighting, too much blame, not enough resources, not enough people working together. The key answer I believe all of us want to get to is growing the city of Detroit.”…

The review team found Detroit’s cash-flow deficit is nearly $100 million. That’s on top of an accumulated deficit of $327 million. The city also has $14.9 billion worth of unfunded pension and employment retirement liabilities, according to the review team report. In five years, it needs $1.9 billion to begin making payments on the debt…

Greg Bowens, a political expert and former press secretary for former mayor Dennis Archer, said an emergency manager would be a devastating blow for the morale for the people of Detroit.

“In the end, it means the governor does not have the faith in the people of Detroit to govern themselves in a responsible manner,” Bowens said.

So, yes, Detroit has a cash flow problem and now the Republican statist is now going to try to solve those problems. Ah yes, fake conservatism at it’s finest.

That’s not what’s half bad about it; you have this anonymous coward blogger, from the state who’s mayor wants to ban everything that is good and enjoyable by its people. Said coward writes:

Why … yes, that’s what it means. I can’t believe there’s any serious constituency outside Detroit that would disagree, and Detroiters themselves would disagree only out of pure pride. The city’s a byword for terminal liberal sclerosis. How can this be a blow to their morale when their morale’s already reached this point? Look no further than their statuary to see that they’re desperate for a savior to ride in and impose order on a dystopian nightmare.

Yeah, and I suppose your little city up there is a capitalist utopia too right, Jeremy? Please. :roll:  The only reason why the Communist Party of America is not running New York City is because the citizens of the suburbs would not allow it and the Republican Party of New York State would stage a massive revolt. I suppose the only thing the City of Detroit’s people should do is just hang their hands and allow an outsider come and run roughshod over the City and impose his Faux-Republican style of Nanny-State Government. What a moron! :roll:

What’s more: Check out some of the racist comments over on HotAir, now:

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Racism at HotAir.com

I am calling this nonsense out, because this blog is run by some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

Over at the Neocon HotAir.com, in their silly sub-echo chamber greenroom there was the posting on this video here:

Check out some of the comments over there:

But, no, they’re not racist, not over at HotAir.com! :roll:

These are the same idiots, who removed my trackback, when I complained about Mary K. Ham’s mocking of fat people. These are also the same idiots, who removed my commenting access, when I dared to tell the truth about neoconservative Wilsonian foreign policy over there. By the way, this is not the first time, that someone like me has complained about the behavior over at that blog.  It seems that in the past, an HotAir.com affiliate, who was Jewish, ironically, bolted after some hate bubbled up on that site.

This is just another reason, of a good number of reasons, why I basically said “enough is enough” with the Conservative movement, Tea Party, Republican Party or whatever you want to call these angry white people. Just as much as I feel that playing the race card is stupid wrong and immoral; I think that this sort of nuanced racism is wrong as well.

I guess this is to be expected from a site, of whom its star writer claims to be a Conservative; all the while collecting Medicare Advantage and living off it.

Updated: More stupidity at HotAir.com

I happen to be reading over at HotAir.com. I don’t read there as much as I used to; but every now and again, I make my way over and read about what the neocons are ranting about in the post election.

Anyhow, I happen to come about this posting done by Mary K. Ham in which she goes on about the words of the President of the Chicago Teachers Union. Now, let me preface this with the following: I know that the Chicago Unions, and Chicago politics is bad news, no matter how you slice it. The thug tactics of the public sector unions in Chicago and Wisconsin were and still are deplorable. I do not support some of the violence that the SEIU and others partook in; in fact, I wrote about it, on my old blog.

However, something else bugs me about this posting, in fact, it kind of pisses me the hell off. Mary Ham did something else, that I thought might have been a bit above her; but it seems to me that I might have been wrong about that. Mary Ham takes a swipe at this black woman, because of her weight, not to mention the stuff that is being said in the comments section.

Which leads me to my main point: We can disagree on politics, and on unions, that is fine, that is what America is all about. But, mocking someone’s weight problem is just low class and I hate to say it this, but it most be said. Mary Ham, if you think that mocking somebody’s weight, even nuanced like that —- is funny or even remotely Christian; you are very highly mistaken. Also too, you might be young and pretty now; but there is coming a day, when you will age, and you won’t be able to pimp yourself out as Hotair.com’s resident MILF any longer.

Furthermore, this so-called Christian bashing of those who neocons disagree with, is one of the biggest reasons why I no longer associate myself with the Christian Right or with the so-called “Church World” any longer.

Update #2: Earlier, I had a picture of me making an obscene gesture, which I felt was totally justified, seeing what Mary Ham wrote in her posting. However, after further reflection and after spending a little time in my devotions. I felt I should remove it. As I wrote here, I am not a perfect Christian at all. However, I think sometimes that I could represent my beliefs a bit better. So, I took it down. My feelings about neoconservative Christian Right, the so-called “Church World,” and HotAir.com writers and commenters remain unchanged.

It is no wonder that I no longer wish to call myself a Conservative, between stupidity like this, and Republicans straight up lying to the voters, why would I call myself one?

Update: I went over and checked and sure enough, AllahPundit deleted my trackback, like he always does. Like the little sorry butt coward that he is. This just proves to me what I have known about that site for a very long time. They can dole out the criticism of the left, but if someone dares criticize them; they cover all traces of it. Which is so very typical of the right anymore. :roll:


Ed Morrissey leaves the North American Radio Alliance Network

This one stopped me in my tracks. Surprise

Ed Morrissey, who is, in this writer’s opinion, one of the better Conservative writers out there; is now leaving the NARN, after almost nine years on the air. Sad

Ed explains why:

So why leave? I’ve decided to take on some new pursuits, especially in catechesis and service within my faith. That will take a considerable amount of time over the next couple of years at least — and perhaps longer than that. That means I need to clear some time for myself and my family on the weekends.

I just want to go on the record and say that I, for one, enjoyed watching Ed and Mitch Berg on Saturdays. It was a nice respite from the weekly grind of writing about politics. The shows were political, but they were hardly ever mean-spirited. I can only remember one time, where Ed had to get ugly with a caller, who was a liberal and wanted to argue over something rather stupid. Ed did put the caller in his place, but he was not mean or nasty about it.

Mitch Berg is however announcing that show will go on:

As Ed noted yesterday, he’s leaving the Northern Alliance Radio Network after nearly nine years on the air.

I’ve had people ask “so what’s next?”


For starters – I’ll probably focus a little harder on Minnesota issues.  AM1280 currently carries Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Miller and Mark Levin – so we’ve got the national stuff triple-covered; Minnesota just elected two chambers of liberals in its legislature, Something’s gotta stand in the way off Minnesota becoming a cold California, a Greece with bland tan food.  If that’s us?  Well, someone’s gotta do it.

I am sure that Mitch will do well solo and I wish him the best in his new role. But, for this Democrat turned Independent Conservative; it just will not be the same.

The reason I write this is because of the following:

Way back in the early part of 2007, I had written for just about a year as skeptical left of center type. Anyhow, I had found myself in a crisis. I had decided that the Democratic Party was simply not, where I wanted to be anymore. The Party’s disrespect of the Military, the thought that Homosexuality was somehow normal; the idea that the killing unborn children was simply a-okay. All of these things conflicted with my Christian Faith. This, together with the economic meltdown that took place later that year, were the deciding factors in me changing my politics in a very big way.

Anyhow, I casually started listening to Ed and Mitch on Saturday’s. I also would listen and watch Ed’s show during the week too. I did not always agree with everything that was said, I still don’t!  Ed also knew about me, and my background. Never once did he ever try to run me off; he let me hang around and you know what? I am an Independent Conservative today because of that. I will always be grateful for kindness Ed showed me, despite my background. There are a few bloggers out there, on both sides, that could stand to learn a few lessons from Mr. Morrissey.

Again, I wish Mitch the best, but I will always miss that little show on Saturdays.

Jazz Shaw and AllahPundit–Porn Peddlers?

Whoa! Surprise

……and here I thought AllahPundit was just a closeted homo beta male. Rolling on the floor

As for Jazzshaw…. No Comment. Dont tell anyone

But Seriously, Kevin over HillBuzz, reacts to this piece by JazzShaw saying it might not be over on November 6. For the record, I hope like heck that Jazz is wrong too Kevin. Praying

Quoting Jazz:

I suppose I should feel a little bit guilty for saying it, particularly on the pages of a politically oriented publication, but I’m pretty tired of this election. It’s been going on roughly since Christmas of 2008 – or at least it feels that way. The GOP primary was actually pretty good this year and it revved up both my interest and enthusiasm far more than the parade of munchkins on both sides four years earlier. But once it was done, the whole thing began to feel like one, long tedious slog through the summer and an exhausting swamp march to just get it all over with.

I felt that way in 2008, and a bit like that this time too. Although, it seemed a bit less lengthy this time around. More substance and less, well…. Parade?

Either way, it is the 28’th of October. We have nine days to go. Hopefully, things become a bit smoother, Romney wins by a huge margin and everything; outside of the left’s usual losing sorely —- gets back to some sort of normalcy. There are reports of people threatening to go ape-poop, if Obama loses. However, the realist in me, suspects that nothing is going to happen, people will vote and accept the results.

I just hope I am right about that “accepting the results” part. NailbitingWorriedPraying

Uncertainty at HotAir.com?

I saw the following over at HotAir.com. The topic is rather serious, AllahPundit’s take in it, was very funny.


Via the Weekly Standard, I can’t decide if this is newsworthy or not. It’s like when O says he wants to close Gitmo. On the one hand: Hmmm! On the other hand: Meh. It’s not happening, so who cares?

I admit it, I let out a laugh, when I read it. Hmm! Meh and who cares? All in one posting! :lol:

Pick a position please… Before the election, preferably!

HotAir’s Tina Korbe moves on

I was actually sad to see this. It appears that HotAir’s Tina Korbe is moving on to greener pastures.

You can read Ed’s posting here and Tina’s final posting here.

Just a personal note of observation; I did not always agree with her and I even once gently criticized her. But, I always respected her opinions —– even if I did not agree with them all. I also noticed another thing too; the commenters over at HotAir.com could be downright brutal with Tina. I believe this was fueled by resentment of a woman blogging at HotAir or something. I never made my criticisms of Tina personal. I simply stated that I disagreed with her. Some of the comments on Tina’s postings were personal, brutal, sexist and nasty. So, I can see why Tina left.

Either way, I wish Tina the best. She is a very smart woman, that I am sure will do well in whatever she does. Tina is also a very, very, beautiful woman; and the man she is going to marry is going to be one lucky guy. I wish him and Tina the very best. :)