Whoa: Facebook CEO reaped $2.3 Billion gain on stock options

It is quite painfully obvious that I am in the wrong business.

The Story:

SAN FRANCISCO AP — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reaped a gain of nearly $2.3 billion last year when he exercised 60 million stock options just before the online social networking leaders initial public offering.The windfall detailed in regulatory documents filed Friday saddled Zuckerberg, 28, with a massive tax bill. He raised the money to pay it by selling 30.2 million Facebook Inc. shares for $38 apiece, or $1.1 billion, in the IPO.Facebooks stock hasnt closed above $38 since the IPO was completed last May. The shares gained 71 cents Friday to close at $26.85.The 29 percent decline from Facebooks IPO price has cost Zuckerberg nearly $7 billion on paper, based on the 609.5 million shares of company stock that he owned as of March 31, according to the regulatory filing. His current stake is still worth $16.4 billion.

via Facebook CEO reaped $2.3B gain on stock options – Yahoo! Finance.

Being a protected minority has its perks, I suppose. Must be nice to be born into the right bloodline.

UPDATED: How does a Jew get away with mocking the Holy Bible and Christianity?

Sorry, but this one gets up my nose a bit. How is it, that some Jew can sit and write a piece mocking the President of the United States, using the sacred text of Christianity; the Holy Bible, and in mocking terms, as using the King James Bible style of writing and nothing happens to him? How is that?

Check out this sloppy, nasty, and downright disrespectful tripe from this idiotic kike (Yes, I know that “kike” is offensive, it is intended to be, you want to disrespect my Religion, I am going to disrespect your Religion and your stinking ethnicity):

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of debt, I fear no bankruptcy, for Obama is my shepherd. He prepareth a table of food stamps before me, and maketh me lie down beside waters He hath cleansed and seas He hath made recede, even though the bad Republicans wisheth the earth to be burnt unto a cinder, and will not buy the electric car that is good, for it hath zero emissions, and receiveth its power from a power plant, which hath not zero emissions, but the ways of the President are mysterious.

via Mark Helprin: Psalm 23, Newly Revised According to Modern Principles – WSJ.com.

If someone like me, took a sacred text from the Torah and used it in this sort of way, I would be excoriated from one end of the Blogosphere and Internet to the other. But, yet, this Jew can do this and nothing happens to him at all. It is the sick and terrible double standard that we have in this Country and it needs to change. Christianity should be considered OFF-LIMITS to this sort of thing. Now, I have to wonder, would this Jew use the Koran in this sort of vile way? I highly doubt that at all. Because if he did, every dad-blasted Muslim terrorist would want his little Jewish head on a platter. So, he uses Christianity — the softest target on the planet. How quaint. :roll:

I am starting to think that we Christians, especially we protestants; need to start getting a bit more proactive in our belief system and start really defending our beliefs to the point of risk going to jail for it. Because I tend to believe that if a couple of car loads of Christians showed up at someone’s house, like this guy here, and maybe taught this little screwball Jew a lesson, then maybe he and his fellow Jews would think twice about insulting a Religion that is the only way to Heaven. Hey, it worked for the Muslims. Because of 9/11, everyone in American now knows what Islam is truly about now. Maybe we Christians need to follow their lead and start telling people what they can and cannot get away with.

Just a thought, and I would hate to see it ever come to that at all. But, sometimes, when pushed into a corner, people lash out and I happen to believe that some lashing out, by we WASP’S is very, very, very much overdue in this Country.

Just my opinion.

Now when they were going, behold, some of the watch came into the city, and shewed unto the chief priests all the things that were done. And when they were assembled with the elders, and had taken counsel, they gave large money unto the soldiers, Saying, Say ye, His disciples came by night, and stole him away while we slept. And if this come to the governor’s ears, we will persuade him, and secure you. So they took the money, and did as they were taught: and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day.
(Matthew 28:11-15 KJV)

…and they’re still doing it to this day, not to mention what they are doing to our Country. The Federal Reserve Chairmen and Treasury Secretary being primary examples.

Others: Power Line (Via Memeornadum)

Update: Folks, after some thought and reflection, I decided to write an update. I wrote this, because, quite bluntly — I was mad. I am a Christian of 30 year vintage, and I take my Faith seriously. I don’t wear it on my sleeve and I am not much of Zealot about it. But, I know what I believe. I also removed a few lines that would be considered inflammatory. My point was to defend and bring up that fact that there is a double standard in this Country towards Christians; not to incite violence. I hope it made you think, that is my job as a writer and blogger; to make everyone think.



Could not happen to a better bunch of people!

For the longest time, I used to watch this stuff go on and I would never say a word; except maybe to defend someone’s wife. Which I still believe was totally out of bounds to be posting her picture and pictures of his kids, blurred or not.

However, seeing that I have totally divorced myself from the so-called “right” due to the attack on my Father. I believe I can say what I truly feel.

I happen to notice what is going on around in the blogosphere at the moment and all I can truly say is this: It could not be happening to better group of people.

You see, this same dude, slandered me in the past. The second link there, was a serious screw up on my part, I admit that, and I have apologized a bunch of times for it. He was not the only one, a bunch of others have done it too and some of them, and getting their just deserts, as they should. 😀

But, this guy here, threw me under the bus, for no other reason, than to please some mentally depraved idiot, who does not even know me. Then, to try and make up for it, he goes and takes a fairly innocent post and twists it into a bunch of crap that it was never intended to be; and then, acts like *I* am the person with the problem.

So, you know what gents? I have one thing to say about all this stuff that is happening to you all……………….;


Give ’em hell Mr. Grouch and don’t quit giving these loser right wing con-job mother fuggers hell until they are ALL under indictment by the FBI!  Sitting around making money on a semi-half fake DEAD JEW! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! 😯

Countdown to being called an a-hole, an anti-Semite, a racist and all that other lame stuff they like to call me…

I got one thing to say to you rich ass honky pukes:

I know what you are thinking:

“Hey! You are white too!”

Yeah, you are correct, I am white. But, you know what? If I go down to Detroit, namely the southwest side. I would be treated with respect, as they know me. If ya’ll white tight-y Sean Hannity types went down there; ya’ll would get your little cracker, Sean Hannity looking asses shot and killed. Let’s just say, it’s the difference between ghetto white and rich suburbia white. 19 years living hard in the big D does have its advantages.

Just sayin’ ya’ll. I’m just sayin’…. 😀




Oh….my….word…. Doh

From the Weekly Standard:

Visiting victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey today, Vice President Joe Biden told them not to worry, saying, "you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it." Biden was referring to President Barack Obama.

From the pool report:

So as the president said when he was up here with the governor, we’re not going anywhere. We’re not not going anywhere. And you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it."

Homeboy? What if a Republican had said something like that?

Of course, if this President keeps up this course, we’re all going to be singing this song here, with plenty of homeboys in it.

Of course, if Larry Sinclair is to be believed; it’s really….wait for it…. Homo-Boy! WinkingTongueSurpriseLaughingRolling on the floor

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One of them bitter-clingers from Tennessee posts his love for Guns on facebook, Liberals pee themselves

Yes, that title is supposed to be ironic and kind of funny too.

It seems that a young man running for Congress for the State of Tennessee is in hot water with the liberal left.

The Video:

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

The story via WKRN in Nashville:

Republican U.S. Congressional candidate Brad Staats continues to defend a controversial Facebook post.

Brad Staats posted a picture of a handgun along with the statement, “Many people keep asking me about my opinion on Second Amendment rights. Apparently Tennesseans are part of that crazy crowd that Obama says cling to their religion and guns. Well then I must be part of that crazy crowd. Here is something that I usually have with me. Welcome to Tennessee Mr. Obama where we appreciate our [Second] Amendment rights and the constitution that was wisely given to us by our founding fathers.”

At a Lipscomb University event on Monday night, Staats told Nashville’s News 2, “I’m going to say what I mean and mean what I say and I want Tennesseans and Americans to know that I’m not going to back up on what I say.”

Staats said the Facebook post was never meant to be an attack on the president but it is in reference to the recently passed U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

“I do want President Obama to know as well as the rest of Congress and everyone else regarding our constitutional, rights don’t tread on America’s constitution,” said Staats. “I think that your liberties, your life can be defended by the proper instructed use of a handgun.”

Staats said his strong stance on handguns stems from his mother’s own personal experience.

He said, “She would have either been raped or murdered had she not had a handgun in her car she actually got ran off a road and it was obvious she was getting ready to be assailed.”

It is a fair defense and I would have done the same damned thing. There was no threat implied at all; this is a tactic of the liberal left and yes, the Neoconservative right (AKA FAKE!) does the same damned thing too. They call threat, anytime someone posts a pic of a gun or other related matter and the name Obama. It is a disgrace and when this stuff happens the first amendment is being trampled upon. How many times did people have signs saying “Kill Bush?” Plenty.

So, this whole thing is a bad joke and the liberal left knows it. They say “But, oh! He’s black!” I got one thing to say about all that: Big ‘effin’ deal. The truth is, the President has more security around him, than Bush ever did, so the chances of him being shot and killed is slim to none. Unless someone seriously screws up at the secret service, which will never happen.

For your reading pleasure: Here is a roundup of idiot liberals who are saying that this evil bitter-clinger ought to be in prison for blaspheming the might “one” who came in the name of progressivism:

The Raw StoryTennessean.comtheGrioAlan Colmes’ Liberaland,Crooks and Liars and Gawker

Why do Christians and Conservatives do stupid stuff like this?

This used to be a pretty popular series on my old blog and I thought I would bring it back on this one as well. This series simply takes some of the more absurd things on the right and simply asks the question…..


Before I start this; I feel the need to say this, because there are many out there that might not understand why it is that I write things like this little blog entry here. The truth is folks, I have never been a partisan blogger, or a “party guy.” I simply started blogging because I felt, then, that the political party and the President in office at the time was simply wrong about what he was doing. This is why I started a blog in the first place.

As many of you know, I spend a good amount of time on this blog, writing about the stupidity of the left; and sometimes, that gives people the idea that I am so sort of rich Republican. Well, needless to say; that is not the case at all. I am simply an American Constitutional Conservative and I am a Baptist Christian as well. The difference between this blog and the others out there; is the fact that I will hold a mirror to our own side and point out some of the more absurd things that some of our people do. This is called integrity and I will be quote honest with you; and admit that it is sorely lacking in the political world and yes, that includes the Conservative Blogosphere too.

So, without further ado, I give you:

Some of the dumbest stuff I’ve seen yet!

First in our little tour of the absurd is this picture:

Heil Yarmulke!

Now the back story on this, is that the Weekly Standard, which is one of the biggest Wilsonian Conservative magazines around, seems to believe that this picture is somehow or another an Anti-Semite conspiracy of some sort or another.  Now, unless the associated press and Reuters are really talented or held a meeting to discuss the picture; I believe it might just be a poorly timed happenstance. Putting it into workings man’s terms: Sometimes, a picture, is just a picture and nothing else.

The second story is about the man who made the film that supposedly caused the middle east to lose its collective mind. The Smoking Gun reports:

The producer of the controversial anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” has been arrested for violating terms of his probation and is set for an appearance today in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, is scheduled for an initial appearance in the courthouse where Judge Christina Snyder sentenced him in June 2010 following a bank fraud conviction.

[UPDATE: Citing Nakoula’s “lengthy pattern of deception,” a federal magistrate this afternoon ordered him held without bond for alleged probation violations, including making false statements to his probation officer and using aliases. The judge rejected a plea from Nakoula’s lawyer, who argued that the convicted felon’s life would be in danger at an L.A. lockup due to the facility’s large population of Muslim inmates. Nakoula will remain in custody in advance of a probation revocation hearing, the date for which has yet to be scheduled.]

Investigators have not yet provided details about how Nakoula allegedly violatedprobation, but it seems clear that his involvement in the “Innocence of Muslim” production is central to the government’s new charge.

Nakoula (seen above) was sentenced to 21 months in prison to be followed by six months in a halfway house. Upon completion of the custodial term, he was placed on probation for five years.

Included in his probation terms were prohibitions on his use of the Internet, unless he secured prior approval from his probation officer. Additionally, he was not to “use, for any purpose or in any manner, any name other than his/her true legal name or names without the prior written approval of the Probation Officer.”

While producing “Innocence of Muslims,” Nakoula repeatedly used the alias “Sam Bacile” (and other variants) in communications, online postings, and dealings with cast and crew working on the film.

Now, this one is a bit hairy and I have seen the roundup of bloggers on the right who are saying this man is being targeted by the Government. As much as I would like to agree with them, I cannot. First off, it might very well be possibly that this man was working with terrorists himself. Second of all; the man broke the law, was caught and served his time and then, when given the chance to earn back his freedom, he proceeded to break the conditions of his probation. Because of this, a few people lost their lives as a result. Because I happen to believe in personal responsibility  I believe this man is right where he should be — in prison. I also hope that he stays there for a very long time.

Third, there is Rush Limbaugh. What can I say? The guy is funny; but sometimes, he blows it. Especially, when it comes to stuff like this here, which turned out to be wrong. Memo to Rusty: YOU.ARE.NOT.HELPING. 😡

Finally, there is story, which is for the “You gotta be freaking kidding me!” department. It comes from the Detroit Free Press:

A legal center filed a lawsuit this week against the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, claiming its officers failed to protect Christian activists who carried a pig’s head while protesting Islam at the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn.

Filed in Detroit, the lawsuit says that deputy chiefs in the department violated the constitutional rights of the Christian missionaries by not allowing them to “engage in Christian religious speech and expressive activities.” It was filed by the newly formed American Freedom Law Center, which was created by Ann Arbor attorney Robert Muise and an Arizona-based attorney, David Yerushalmi, known for his efforts to battle shari’a, Islamic law.

On June 15, a group of Christian missionaries from California known as the Bible Believers arrived at the Arab festival with large signs denigrating Islam and its prophet. Some of the signs read: “Islam is a religion of blood and murder” and “Muhammad is a … liar, false prophet, murderer, child molesting pervert.” They also carried a pig’s head mounted on a pole. Muslims consider pigs to be unclean.

Some youths in the crowd became upset at the signs and started hurling water bottles at the Bible Believers. The lawsuit claims that stones and debris also were hurled.

“We have an angry and violent mob of Muslims intent on suppressing free speech and law enforcement officials aiding and abetting the violence in violation of the Constitution,” Muise said.

Paula Bridges, a spokeswoman for Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, did not comment this week on the lawsuit. In June, she said of the Christian group:

“While Sheriff Napoleon respects everyone’s right to freedom of speech, it’s unfortunate that some have chosen to exploit and taint what was to be a peaceful, community event.”

Let me get this straight, these Christians, went to Arab festival and insulted these people’s religion. Then, when they get pelted with bottles, they sue law enforcement. Just a thought; they should have been glad it was just bottles and rocks. They could have well been shot and killed for doing such an act and in the writer’s opinion, the killings would have been entirely justified. The way it is supposed to be; you something this foolish and get your tailed kicked; you suck it up and take it like a man. The very idea that a group would do this, after being idiots — makes me honestly question their Christianity. This group makes a mockery of the gospel of Christ and everything that the Bible stands for. Here is hoping this case is tossed out of a court of law and quickly.




Sunday Links

Here’s some links for your pleasure on Sunday, with a little trademark snark and sarcasm:


Porn Pictures: NAKED Chicks!

Seeing that hits around here are so low, I figure I would do something to bring up traffic around here.

So, I will forego the normal Christian Morals on this blog with pictures of completely NAKED chicks!

Warning! These photos are EXTREMELY not safe for work, Christians, and moral people!

Pictures are after the jump.




Continue reading Porn Pictures: NAKED Chicks!

Uh-oh! Thieves make off with the Secret Service’s truck in Detroit

Oh, this is just what Detroit needs right here…. :roll:

Thieves stole a U-Haul truck in downtown Detroit Saturday night containing equipment for the U.S. Secret Service, which is in town for a Labor Day visit by Vice President Joe Biden.

“It won’t affect the visit at all,” said Secret Service spokesman Edward Donovan. “We would never compromise the security of a visit.”

Donovan said the agency rented the truck to haul equipment, some of which was in the vehicle when it was stolen from outside a downtown hotel, near the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Michigan Avenue. The agents left the vehicle Saturday evening and discovered it missing Sunday morning, Donovan said.

via Truck with U.S. Secret Service equipment stolen in Detroit prior to Vice President Joe Biden’s visit | City of Detroit | Detroit Free Press | freep.com.

Oh to have been a fly on the wall in that truck, when those thieves opened that back door and realized what they had stolen! 😯 Oh man.

I am quite sure that they uttered a couple words that I will not print on this blog. They may have made up a few as they went along as well. I am also sure that somewhere in that conversation that this was said: “How the heck are we going to fence this stuff?”

Proving my long-held belief that criminals might be brave, they might be bold, — but they are not entirely bright. 😉 😛 Believe me, I know what I speak. I have family members who suffer from “Stupid criminal can’t stay outta jail syndrome.” Thank God and my parents that I never turned out like that; I was good kid, who went to Church and did what my parents told me. (Well, most of the time!!) You know what? It shows too. Only interaction I have never had with the police; was when I got speeding tickets, which were all paid, promptly.

Good ol’ Detroit, where if you don’t nail it down; it will be stolen. 😀



Defending real Christianity from Daniel McCarthy’s smug papist idiocy

I have quite a number of sites in my RSS reader, one of which is the decidedly anti-Semitic — to the point of the publisher of the attending an occupy AIPAC demonstration —The American Conservative. In it today, I happen to see a blog posting by a one papist Daniel McCarthy, in which he basically accuses the Protestant Christian world of supposedly “loosing it’s mind.”

He then goes to blather on about how much more vastly superior the liturgical version of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church is to the knuckle-dragging Bible Believing Protestant Christians. Which, in this writer’s opinion, says a bit, about this man and the condition of his heart. Furthermore, it does reenforce my belief that Roman Catholics are not Christians at all. I know that might bother some, but I have Bible scripture to back that up, as I am sure you know.

My direct response to Mr. McCarthy is: I suppose Priests, which are forbidden in the Bibledefending the abusers of children, as being victims, is the sign of how much more superior your papist doctrine and supposed “Christianity” is to ours? Furthermore, I suppose that the Roman Catholic Church Inquisition towards various people, including my Baptist forefathers was a sign of the vastly superior papist doctrine and so-called “christianity” to ours?  Also, I suppose that the systematic sexual abuse of young children, and coverup and justification by the Roman Catholic Church and its so-called “priests” is proof positive of the vastly superior papist doctrine and so-called “christianity” of the Roman Catholic Church? I really would love to see Mr. papist McCarthy answer these questions.

You see this, is why I have such an issue with so-called Christian bloggers, especially ones who are papists. The Bible has a word for it, it is Highmindedness. (It is defined here.) It is the very silly idea that somehow, his Church, which, by the way, is riddled with false doctrine; is somehow vastly superior than anyone else. This is why I steadfastly refuse to ever own or write at a “Christian Blog.” For the record, this blog is not a Christian Blog at all. It is a Conservative political blog, that happens to be owned by a Christian.  This is because I will be the first to tell you, that we Independent Fundamentalist Baptists are far from perfect, as recent events have proven. Although, I will be the first to say, that there were many of we Fundamental Baptists, including myself, who saw that recent coming from a mile away.

In closing: While the title of this blog posting might suggest otherwise; this should not be taken as an ad hominem attack against Mr. McCarthy. But rather a defense of Protestant Christianity and Fundamentalist Christianity from those who have an agenda against it. A perfect example of that agenda is in the writings of Mr. McCarthy. Mr. McCarthy and those of his ilk have tried to discredit protestant Christianity for years and this is proof of that. Well, someone has to stand up for those who choose not to submit to the utterly Satanic and without Christ Roman Catholic Church and it may as well be me.


For the Record: Ron Paul will never be satisfied

This is why Ron Paul is not the GOP’s candidate for President of the United States:

Rep. Ron Paul said GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s convention speech left him “very skeptical” that the country’s economic policies will change.

“The speech is what I would expect,” the Texas Republican said Friday on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.” “I remain very, very skeptical of hearing anything that will change the course of history. We have a debt problem. We have a spending problem, but how many things did he list to cut?”

Not enough, he said. The former GOP presidential candidate said the “most disturbing” part of America’s fiscal problems is the Federal Reserve, which Romney did not focus on during his speech.

“There was no talk of the Federal Reserve,” said Paul, advocating the elimination of both the Fed and fixed interest rates. “As long as we have the concept,” he later added, “we will linger a long time because debt is a problem and no one is willing to face up to it and I certainly didn’t hear that last night.

via Mitt Romney speech leaves Ron Paul ‘skeptical’ – Kevin Cirilli – POLITICO.com.

Ron Paul; for all the good things about him, this is one of his many flaws — besides his unrealistic foreign policy —- is that he is just too ideologically rigid. The only way that Ron Paul and his many legion of fans would be happy, is if the Federal Reserve were closed, the military were dismantled and America went back to gold standard. Of course, all of those things are just unrealistic at best.

He followed up those remarks with this bit idiotic nonsense:

So what’s his take on the Republican Party?

“Well, it is not my party. I do not like politics at all,” Paul said. “I think both parties are Keynesian economists and support positions that I do not like. So, the party, in many ways is irrelevant.”

Which is precisely why Ron Paul will never be President of the United States of America or thankfully anything else in the Republican Party ever again.  I mean, if the man cannot tell the difference between an Marxist and an Republican; then he needs to get the heck out politics for good. because it is quite obvious that he is not fit to serve in any sort of capacity.

The Bottom line is:

Vote for and support Mitt Romney — He might not be perfect, but he is much smarter than Ron Paul!

Chuck Baldwin minces no words about Paul Ryan

I have to like Chuck Baldwin, he does not mince words:

It has happened again. We go through this every four years, and every four years the vast majority of “conservatives” fall for it. This is such a broken record. What did Forrest Gump say: “Stupid is as stupid does”? And wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”? Well, here we go again.

Neocon RINO George H.W. Bush picks “conservative” Dan Quayle. “Conservative” G.W. Bush picks neocon RINO Dick Cheney. Neocon RINO John McCain picks “conservative” Sarah Palin. Now, neocon RINO Mitt Romney picks “conservative” Paul Ryan. As long as there is one “conservative” on the ticket, mushy-headed “conservatives” across the country will go into a gaga, starry-eyed, hypnotic trance in support of the Republican ticket. I’m convinced that if Lucifer, himself, was the GOP Presidential candidate, he would get the support of the Religious Right and Republican “conservatives” as long as he selected a reputed “conservative” to join his ticket. And, by the way, the notable “conservative” wouldn’t think twice about joining such a ticket, either, I’m convinced.

Let’s just get this on the record: since 1960, there have only been two Presidential nominees (from the two major parties) who were not controlled by the globalist elitists. One was a Democrat, John F. Kennedy; the other was a Republican, Ronald Reagan. Kennedy was shot and killed; Reagan was shot. Every other President, Democrat or Republican, has been totally controlled, which is why none of them have done diddly-squat to make a difference in the direction of the country. On the issues that really matter, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are just more of the same!

via Chuck Baldwin — Paul Ryan: More Of The Same.

He goes on to say that Ron Paul is the only one; and I disagree with that. However, I will say this; he is right about Romney and Ryan. Which is I am voting for:

Goode/Clymer in 2012

He will not win the election

But voting for anything else is simply Anti-American

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Video: There is nothing sexier than Ann Coulter

Except Ann Coulter, when she is a bit pissed off.

The Video: (H/T HotAir.com)


“Her response was not that it was despicable, not that Bain… that Romney had left Bain five years earlier or the woman died five years after the plant closed and didn’t even get her insurance from her husband, her response was, ‘Well, if she had lived in Massachusetts with Mitt Romney’s health care plan, she would have had health insurance.’ Anyone who donates to Mitt Romney, and I mean the big donors, ought to say if Andrea Saul isn’t fired and off the campaign tomorrow, they are not giving another dime, because it is not worth fighting for this man if this is the kind of spokesman he has…

There’s no point in you doing your show, there’s no point in going to the convention and pushing for this man if he’s employing morons like this. This ad is the turning point and she has nearly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat! She should be off the campaign.”

Whew! She angry, she really angry. Hope her soon-to-be-hubby doesn’t ever leave the toilet seat down or put the toilet paper on the wrong way. or worse yet, pees in the floor!  😯 She’s might cut his tally-whacker off and feed it to him. 😯

For the record, yes, it was dumb. But cripes, people make mistakes. Even me. I’ve made lots of ’em.

Round up here.

Detroit’s fiscal chickens come home to roost

I really hate having to write blog entries like this; I really do.  For those of you, who actually read here; I was born and raised on the southwest side of Detroit. I left Detroit, with my parents, in 1989. Our house was burglarized by a family member’s friend and yes, he was involved too.  As much as it greatly pains me to say this; the city and that part of the city, where I grew up, is not what it once was. I have very fond memories of growing up in Detroit; hanging with my buddy Joe, who now lives in Lima, Ohio —- going to Church over on Military Street off of Vernor Highway —  just a good place to grow up. I realize some of you might find it hard to believe, that growing up in Detroit was a good thing; but, believe me it was. I would not trade my childhood for nothing at all.

The reason why I do not like writing blog entries like this, is because it just makes the City of Detroit and Michigan look bad. I always get my feathers in an uproar, when people, who do not even live around here, begin writing articles about this area, like they are some sort of expert on this area.  The way I see it, if you have never lived here, worked here or worshiped here; you ought to just keep your mouth shut. I know, it sounds a bit gruff; chalk it up to a ghetto attitude, a Detroit attitude or just someone who is not to keen on outsiders running their mouths, when they ought to just keep out of the city’s business.  Whatever it is, when I see the mostly woefully uninformed criticism, my defenses kick in.  Yes, I know who runs and controls Detroit now; I do not like it anymore than anyone else. But to say that skin pigmentation has a thing to do with the city of Detroit’s problems is asinine at best.  There seems to be a bit of that, on the right, at sites like this one here.

The Nation is in a horrible recession, some would even say a “double dip” recession. This is the thing that is causing Detroit’s fiscal problems; it  is what is known as “kicking the can down the road.” America as a Nation, has done it for decades. Detroit has done it since about the 1970’s; and now they are at the point where the road that they have kicked said can down —- is at the gates of hell and they are now trying to figure out a method of escape. Sort of like what is happening in Washington DC at the moment.

So when I see this story in the Detroit Free Press, a very liberally biased paper; I have to smirk a bit. Because now, the socialists who have controlled Detroit for years are now at place of, “Where did all the money go?”

Quoting the Paper:

The emotions of labor leaders and city workers were eclipsed Monday by the harsh reality that there appears to be little that can stop a 10% wage cut and major changes to employment terms for Detroit’s unionized workforce.

During a nearly three-hour Detroit City Council meeting, Mayor Dave Bing’s administration laid out its case for $102 million in savings through cuts, including reduced pensions and higher out-of-pocket health care costs, in addition to wage cuts.

Officials painted a dire picture: Without savings from what the city now is calling employment terms, Detroit could run out of cash as early as October.

It really should not be of any surprise to anyone, but the usual gang of suspects are now lining up with the grievances; complete with class warfare and so forth:

Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said Bing’s administration made no effort to bargain with Detroit’s 48 unions as the city charter requires and is balancing the city’s debts on the backs of its workers.

Watson said she wants to see as much effort put into restructuring Detroit’s debt as Bing has put into reworking city labor contracts.

“You all want to get tough with the working people, but you don’t want to get tough with the Wall Street bankers,” she said.

As much as I hate to make a funny, at someone’s expense; but, did someone relocate Wall Street to Detroit? I do not recall the notice that stock exchange was leaving New York. Funny nonsense aside, I know the point she is trying to make, a rather moronic socialist argument, that somehow or another businesses in Detroit ought to be punished for the idiotic management of a socialist city. Which is essentially that same stupid argument that President Barack Obama is making as well. It is a flawed mentality and one that usually bankrupts a city and eventually a Nation. America’s clock is ticking and eventually, we are going to end up like Detroit — broke. Some would say that we are already broke and China is our real masters.

As always the Unions are having their say as well:

Al Garrett, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 25, the city’s largest union, said city officials “have gone too damn far,” and urged the council to reject the contracts and force Bing and the financial advisory board to impose them.

“It’s the only influence you have,” Garrett said, addressing the council. “Otherwise your sitting there serves no purpose. Please don’t vote for it. … Stand up and be accountable for the seat.”


Gerald Thompson, president of the AFSCME Local 1220, representing city clerks and security guards, criticized the council for approving a fiscal stability agreement with the state that left the council powerless to stop draconian union cuts.

“This is what happens when absolute power corrupts,” Thompson said. “This is not fundamental fairness in democracy. It’s tyranny.”

Mr. Thompson? You want to see tyranny? Try looking in the White House; if that is not a text book example of power corrupting someone, I do not know what is.  Furthermore, I find it absolutely amusing that a socialist liberal would cry “Tyranny!” when the odds are not in his favor. It is a totally partisan hack move and I believe it should be condemned by the Mayor of Detroit. But, of course, we all know that will never happen.

Finally, in this story, a bit of sanity:

Chris Brown, Bing’s chief operating officer, acknowledged that the contracts, expected to be imposed no later than next month, were crafted with no union input.

“Things are not the same,” Brown said. “We’re not going to sit here and say we collectively bargained. We didn’t. It may not be fair, but it’s necessary.”

I highlighted that one, because I am amazed that someone in Detroit sees the trees, in spite of the forest around him. I pray that Detroit is able to steer itself out of the mess created by the downturn in the economy. Because as goes the City of Detroit; so goes the rest of the state and eventually the Country. I believe we can make it out of this mess, there just has to be some adults in the room. I just wish some of those adults were in the room in council chambers in Detroit.


The only thing that I can truly say is…..

After reading this and after reading this; is…

Wow.  Just….Wow.

Which is why I am so glad that I cut ties with the people mentioned in that first link. As for the second one; that guy makes me look like a saint.

I mean, I have my opinions and yes, I live in my Mom’s basement and all; but man — that guy takes it to whole new level.

I’ll tell you; I have been blogging since 2006; first as a skeptical left-of-center and then, as someone who moved further and further to the right, as time went on — I can tell you that I have never seen anything like this at all. This is what the right Blogosphere has become: A damned parody of its former self. A freak show. 😯

Which is why I tend to stay to myself, do my own thing and avoid the cliques.

It keeps me off the radar and out of trouble.

A funny, Blogger John Cole says:

If your head doesn’t hurt by the end of this, there is something wrong with you. The “swatting” style incidents are still horrible, but overall, it seems like this basically boils down to a lot of really self-important and obnoxious people who karmically and comically deserve each other. And if it keeps Malkin off Graeme Frost’s front porch, all the better.

That last part I underlined was what I thought was funny. I remember that, when it happened. I was still running “ThePopulistBlog.com” and by that time, I just was using my name for the blog. Anyhow, I remember that damned hit piece that Michelle Malkin wrote; with all of the Frost families personal information. I was pissed. So, I went Googling for Malkin’s address and I posted it on my blog. Turns out, she had not lived at that address in like two or three years. Which I found out from, of all persons, a liberal! Anyhow, I took it back down, because I did not want people going to some innocent person’s house.

Anyhow, it was up for like an half an hour. But, the way Malkin’s fan boy’s acted, It was her current address and it had been up for days. Malkin herself never said a word about it; but her fans and most of the blogosphere on the right did. Which is why, to this very day; I am considered “persona non grata” with the more hawkish Conservative blogs. All because of that. Also too, because I got into a little scape with another right blogger once, which they started and I took to another level. That one, I do regret, highly; mainly because the person named at said link’s dead wife got pulled into the mess, by me — by mistake. To my defense, I had zero clue who the woman is, I was out for revenge and her name was there. I had no idea that was the blog owner’s wife.

But the thing with Malkin, do I really regret that? That is a complicated answer. Do I regret defending the policy? Yes. I do. It was an expansion of Government, which means more money being spent; that I do regret. Do I regret going after Malkin? No, I don’t — at all. I find her tactics sickening. She got what was coming to her and my only real regret was not finding her real address.  Her blog is a cesspool of hate, bigotry and knee jerk stupidity. What cracks me up is, she claims to be a so-called Christian. She is, in fact, Roman Catholic; which further cements my opinion that Roman Catholics are not even remotely Christians.

That’s all, that is my claim to fame. If you really want to call it that. I wrote all that to basically say this; these people, that I just linked to; make me look like a freaking Amateur! (and I am too… no professional stuff here man… I’m still juggling the glass balls and trying to tap dance!)