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Of course it is only racism, when white people do it

Check out the latest stupidity: Krissi Biasiello MasterChef Racist Tweets N-Word | Mediaite. But, it is never, ever, racism when blacks write racist stuff about white people; it’s called truth-telling then!

Whoa: Facebook CEO reaped $2.3 Billion gain on stock options

It is quite painfully obvious that I am in the wrong business. The Story: SAN FRANCISCO AP — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reaped a gain of nearly $2.3 billion last year when he exercised 60 million stock options just before the online social networking leaders initial public offering.The windfall detailed in regulatory documents filed Friday […]

UPDATED: How does a Jew get away with mocking the Holy Bible and Christianity?

Sorry, but this one gets up my nose a bit. How is it, that some Jew can sit and write a piece mocking the President of the United States, using the sacred text of Christianity; the Holy Bible, and in mocking terms, as using the King James Bible style of writing and nothing happens to […]

Could not happen to a better bunch of people!

For the longest time, I used to watch this stuff go on and I would never say a word; except maybe to defend someone’s wife. Which I still believe was totally out of bounds to be posting her picture and pictures of his kids, blurred or not. However, seeing that I have totally divorced myself […]


Oh….my….word…. From the Weekly Standard: Visiting victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey today, Vice President Joe Biden told them not to worry, saying, "you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it." Biden was referring to President Barack Obama. From the pool report: So as the president said when he was up here […]