UPDATED: How does a Jew get away with mocking the Holy Bible and Christianity?

Sorry, but this one gets up my nose a bit. How is it, that some Jew can sit and write a piece mocking the President of the United States, using the sacred text of Christianity; the Holy Bible, and in … Continue reading

Could not happen to a better bunch of people!

For the longest time, I used to watch this stuff go on and I would never say a word; except maybe to defend someone’s wife. Which I still believe was totally out of bounds to be posting her picture and … Continue reading

One of them bitter-clingers from Tennessee posts his love for Guns on facebook, Liberals pee themselves

Yes, that title is supposed to be ironic and kind of funny too. It seems that a young man running for Congress for the State of Tennessee is in hot water with the liberal left. The Video: WKRN, Nashville News, … Continue reading

Why do Christians and Conservatives do stupid stuff like this?

This used to be a pretty popular series on my old blog and I thought I would bring it back on this one as well. This series simply takes some of the more absurd things on the right and simply … Continue reading